A view of life and commercial real estate from Newark and Licking County, Ohio. Saturday, August 23, How come you never play The Monkees? The Monkees Last Train To Clarksville. Labels: Good questionMusic.

Opening paragraphs Forty minutes out of London, passing through the rolling green fields and cherry orchards of Kent, the morning train of the South Eastern Railway attained its maximum speed of fifty-four miles an hour.

Riding the bright blue-painted engine, the driver in his red uniform could be seen standing upright in the open air, unshielded by any cab or windscreen, while at his feet the engineer crouched, shoveling coal into the glowing furnaces of the engine.

Behind the chugging engine and tender were three yellow first-class coaches, followed by seven green second-class coaches, and at the very end, a gray, windowless luggage van. Wiki's accounting of the affair is here. Labels: booksCrimeOpening Paragraphs. Out of bounds Trading labour for a degree sounds fair. But the income elite players produce far exceeds the price of their scholarships - which colleges are free not to renew in case of injury or violations of the NCAA's stringent rules on gifts.

Many of the excess profits, or "rents", are captured by administrators. In 39 of the 50 states, the highest paid public official is a college coach. Probably true Labels: A sign of the timesFun with the languageWords. Fifty years ago The Beatles Labels:Fifty Years AgoMusic. Investing in cash James Saft notices that Warren Buffett, in a contrarian sort of way, is hoarding cash. Wonder what that means. Full post is here.

Labels: cash flowinvestingMoneyWho knows? He says that like it is a bad thing Perhaps either my history or my memory is wrong. Wasn't Dick Cheney one of the main proponents for toppling Saddam Hussein? Didn't he say our troops would be welcomed in Iraq as "liberators"?Saturday, August 30, Frank Wilson released the single "Last Kiss".

The group performed before 11, and 17, fans, respectively. Riley's "Harper Valley P. All these songs were out at the same time. Grand Funk and B. King did sets on all three days of the Festival. Let me get this straight--Led Zeppelin didn't want to do Woodstock because "they would be just another band on the bill", but they did the Texas Pop Festival?

Dean Taylor released the single "Indiana Wants Me".


Newcomer Parr made a bid for Another movie song, "St. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Metallica debuted at 1 with their self-titled release commonly called " The Black Album ".

KLF had song "3 A.


Eternal" and the Scorpions were singing about a "Wind of Change" at 4. They put out the album of their career inand from the Summer of that year, U One of ELO's career best apparently wasn't good enough for some radio station program directors. The scores of unemployed or underemployed and those guys and gals had jobs--the nerve of it all! Where did you go? I was searchin' searchin' on a one-way street, I was hopin' hopin' for a chance to meet.

I was waitin' for the operator on the line. She's gone so long what can i do? Where could she be? You gotta slow down slow down sweet talkin' woman slow down You got me runnin' run run you got me searchin'. Hold on hold on sweet talkin' lover hold on It's so sad if that's the way it's over. I was walkin' many days go by, I was thinkin' thinkin' 'bout the lonely nights. Communication breakdown all around. I've been livin' livin' on a dead end street, I've been askin' askin' kindly everybody i meet.

Insufficient data coming through. Oh, slow down slow down sweet talkin' woman slow down You got me runnin' run run you got me searchin'. Slow down slow down sweet talkin' woman slow down You got me runnin', you got me searchin'. Friday, August 29, It was becoming all too common, as artists discovered, often years later, that their record companies had not been honest with them in reporting record sales. At the time of his birth inMiddlesbrough was in the county of Cleveland.


From three Summers ago, we salute this great song from Gotye:. The 70's were great in many ways, and one of them is the emergence of Adult Contemporary radio. The growth of the format is reflected on a simple level from "Easy Listening", as it was called in the early part of the decade, to Adult Contemporary in Radio stations realized that Baby Boomers dominated listeners across the country and the world, and the ones that would be successful had to play music that Adults, not teeny-boppers, loved.

That group grew up on rock and roll as it was originally defined, not what it grew into. They had evolved, matured, and settled down, and Adult Contemporary music suited them perfectly.August 23, The Dog Dreams.

You are running, running Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 39 comments. Tags: dogsdreamingvideo. Said Bob Dylan about Brave Combo"a regional band out of Texas that takes regular songs and changes the way you think about them. Here 's Brave Combo doing my favorite Doors song. And here 's the place in Bob Dylan's book "Chronicles" where he's eating french fries with Tiny Tim and they're listening to Ricky Nelson on the radio: At some point during the day, Tiny Tim and I would go in the kitchen and hang around One afternoon I was in there pouring Coke into a glass from a milk pitcher when I heard a voice coming cool through the screen of the radio speaker.

Ricky Nelson was singing his new song, "Travelin' Man. Ricky's song ended and I gave the rest of my French fries to Tiny Tim It means: "The action of toning or producing musical tones; the tones or notes so produced.

Only one Bob Dylan song mentions potatoes. If you know it before clicking, you get points in this game. Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 20 comments.

I encounter 5 items of celebrity news. The snake that bit one of the dancers in a rehearsal of the Nicki Minaj song "Anaconda" was a "boa constrictor named Rocky who has been in the entertainment business for 15 years.

Calendar for Year 2020 (United States)

Nor do I think the snake could take offense at the lyrics and think something like: That's all I am to you, something that reminds you of a body part of one of your kind, not as a unique individual with many facets to my serpentine being other than serving as a hyperbolic metaphor for the human penis? Do you even know about the snake's penis?

Am I simply a big penis to you? Do you even know who I am? I am Rocky, a veteran of 15 years in the entertainment business! I think a boa constrictor bites when it feels threatened, so if the years-in-the-entertainment-business snake bit a dancer, he must have felt really scared. He doesn't know his name is Rocky, a name that connotes a tough guy. He's just a snake. He doesn't know what snakes mean to us, and he's not really in the business, is he?

Not from his perspective. He's not getting any coinsas Nicky might put it. He's a confused, frightened creature in an incomprehensible environment, fighting for survival.

And that's our favorite phallic symbol.

Calendar for Year 2020 (United States)

Jennifer Lopez says: "I like being in a relationship. Is that allowed these days? She used "whore" as a verb, naming the action, not the person. That's what we said in the 60s, often along with its corollary: Let it all hang out.

No judgment. It's all good. You whores.Gustavo Bourdieu74, a resident of Hancock, passed away suddenly on Monday, September 17, Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires, Arge Saturday, August 30, Letter from State Rep. Jeff Irwin: Legislature removes wildlife decisions from voters' hands. He spoke eloquently on the Floor of the House preceding the vote. He also sent the following letter to his constituents and others who asked him to vote against this Act, a petition initiative which intends to deprive Michigan voters of their right to decide the wolf hunt issue by voting on two November ballot proposals.

Jeff Irwin Aug. Jeff Irwin D-Ann Arbor. Courtesy email copy of pleading to ERoach sbasite. Some people are beginning to be contacted directly by the FCC. If you are contacted, please send a message to wildlandco gmail.

What you learn may help others who are concerned about the proposed Brockway Cell Tower. Come on down for some tasty swing, acoustic rock, and high-jinks. Time: approximately p. Instruction will include a brief overview of the history and chemistry of indigo dyeing, and instruction in techniques of bound resists.

Students will then dye a fall scarf provided and are invited to bring one other item from home to dye no bigger than an adult t-shirt. Please bring a pair of kitchen gloves and wear play clothes. Class is open to students age 10 and up. Class happens from 1 p. Saturday, Sept.Gustavo Bourdieu74, a resident of Hancock, passed away suddenly on Monday, September 17, Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires, Arge That is, I participated in the democratic process that gatheredsignatures in support of allowing voters to decide, first, whether we should hunt wolves in Michigan, and second, who should make decisions about game species.

You and I talked about this, and I am grateful. Friday, August 22, Guest article: Mine haul roads and their potential environmental impacts. Reprinted here with permission. Eagle mine haul road under construction. No evidence of silt fencing or erosion control best management practices is visible. Reprinted with permission. These roads can vary in size from single lane dirt roads located within the footprint of a mine to multi-lane paved highways used to transport materials to and from a mine site.

Roads located within the mine footprint are usually included in the analysis of potential environmental impacts of a mine. However, roads that lead away from the project site to processing areas or regional shipping hubs are often overlooked, and the impacts that occur along these transportation routes may be discounted. Houghton High School Key Club members will read stories about farms and kids will make some cows, chickens and pigs to take home.

8/24/14: Nats rally late, score 12 unanswered runs

All library programs are free and everyone is welcome. For more information, please call the library at or visit www. Kids of all ages enjoy the rides at the Houghton County Fair. Click on x to remove ads -- beyond our control. Entertainment this weekend will include Midwest Monster Trucks, Cirque Amongus shows and a time for fair attendees to try their hand at circus actsWhispering Pines Mobile Zoo with the addition of an aviary this year, Wayne the Wizard with magic shows, ballon-a-tics, and ventriloquism.

Kerry Sharp, hypnotist, will return for a second year due to his popularity last year. This young rider puts her horse through some winning paces at the Fair. Video by Keweenaw Now. Exhibits, including youth projects, range from baking and preserving to arts and crafts, folk arts, needlework, photography, horticulture, floriculture, science projects, poetry, education posters and antiques.

Exhibit buildings are open from 11 a. The following is an excerpt from their letter. While our board and most constituents support providing cell service for residents, visitors and public safety, we know that this proposed cell tower will have a significant negative impact on Brockway Mountain and the Keweenaw Coastal Wildlife Corridor.

We also know, as do our constituents, that the Copper Harbor area can obtain cell service without defacing Brockway Mountain. While it may satisfy your required "check-list," you will note, as we have, that the hundreds of pages of detail conflict with what is summarized by SBA.

Many so-called "facts" are false. The FCC has done a disservice to the Keweenaw Coastal Wildlife Corridor and Brockway Mountain by defining the scope of the EA for narrowly and ignoring the impact of running electricity up bedrock of the Brockway Mountain Drive into a pristine area.

These towers were also positioned as necessary for public safety. However, these towers to date have not been turned on and are doing nothing for public safety even though they have been standing for more than a year. The FCC by now understands that our Community has been trying to both communicate the negative impact of a cell tower on Brockway Mountain and to share alternatives for over two years. Many of these people live and work locally and have better things to do with their time than research technical cell tower issues and document and explain scientific, cultural and historical information when their day jobs end.Condition is Used.

Fragile, has condition issues. Thanks for looking at our items. We take a lot of time going all over the place trying to find things that are neat. I have been on eBay 20 years. I'm an honest dealer and try my best. Please e-mail me prior to leaving feedback if there are any problems or concerns with your purchase, I will be happy to work with you. Below are a few things we like to mention. We hope to see you check out of items again! However, after packaging and shipping is calculated post sale, difference, if any, will be refunded.

Additional photos can be sent upon request. I cannot give huge discounts and I do not make a fortune off these sales. I only add this to auctions because if someone offers more for an item than I am askingso that they can win the auction early, this is the only way I can do it per eBay policy. It may take a day or two for us to reply depending on your request. Usually within 36 hours of cleared payment. Insurance is not required, but highly suggested.Scott E.

Horn Scott E. He was born June 16, in Wellsville the son of Edward D. Scott was a graduate of Wellsville High School. He joined the U. Air Force in and served all over the world. He achieved the rank of Technical Sergeant and was discharged in He was formerly employed as an intelligence analyst for the U.

Government Department of Homeland Security. He is survived by his father, Edward D. Friends are invited to a graveside service with military honors, on Saturday, September 6, at am in Woodlawn Cemetery, S. Main Street in Wellsville. To leave online condolences, please visit www. The sidewalk chalk event was a wonderful event that showed many future artists. Shaylie was our overall winner with her minion portrait. Special thanks to: Mort's Meat Mafia for delicious smoked delicacies. And Solomon's Words for getting the word out.

As always it takes everyone in the community to pull together to make events like this event happen. Refreshments will be available. Take part in our very own special Pie Walk. Everyone welcome. Port Allegany Bicentennial Wednesday There will be a meeting on Wednesday, September 3 for the purpose of discussing plans for the Port Allegany Bicentennial to be held in The meeting will start at P.

Smith Library. Bring lots of ideas. Read more While most of the incidents in McKean County were in Bradford Township between andthey were also reported in Foster, Corydon, Lafayette and Hamilton townships. The most recent in Foster Township was days ago. The most recent in Lafayette Township was in November.

The problems listed in the documents include methane gas contamination, spills of wastewater and other pollutants, and wells that went dry or were otherwise undrinkable. Other complaints are still being investigated.

List of Complaints PDF. The skills competition is free of charge and open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 15 to compete separately against your peers. Participants are separated into five separate age divisions, and With thousands of boys and girls from around the country taking part in PPK competitions every year from May through January, it is one of the world's largest youth sports participation programs.


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