Privacy Notice. Shopping Cart: Your cart is empty. Pre-amplifier Filter Results by: Items starting with Displaying 1 to 18 of 18 products. Directions: 1. The larger part of the core tube balanced amplifier developed for the accumulation of many years of experience, make you appreciate the ultimate tube amplifier tone. The advanced design of the dual-mono fully balanced amplifier, two channels are completely independent; in order to reduce dynamic crosstalk per channel with an R-type power transformer and special transformer shielded box to eliminate Features: a Adopts Shigeru Wada circuit amplifier to improve the circuit.

The machine-driven is strong and it has an excellent resolution as well as a wonderful restoring effect. Features: a The machine uses the 2A3 Pipes of high quality,which is specially made by Meixing Factory.

Japan imported the audio output transformer using dedicated oriented silicon steel Z11 0. Features: a The predecessor of the machine MC-7R was published by the British HIFI with authority in a monthly magazine on the cover free of charge in because of its high cost performance,which has already sold in Europe for six years.

audiophile passive preamp

It plays an outstanding role in the restoration of sound as Features: a The updated products is a symbol that Meixing Factory is coming to a new level. The entire case is made by a 6mm thick aluminum alloy and the machine feet consists of aluminum alloy as well as the shockproof rubber ring. The factory chooses the chief electronic script. For example,the electronic Highly innovative tube dual mic preamp, can greatly the performance of every detail of the singing voice of rounded sounding tone.

Is a Passive Preamplifier Right For You?

Features: a High SNR. Since no power supplied,it cuts itself off from the source of interference. The thicken cover of the transformer effectively prevents itself from the electromagnetic interference. Comparing with some pre-AMP of vacuum tube or transistor tube of high level in tone quality,the music it plays sounds more peaceful and the machine is the best choice for audiophile who persues high SNR.

Shengya Sheng ya CV Preamp preamplifiers tube pre-amp separately.For more information about AudiophileReview. All Rights Reserved. Audiophile Review. An audiophile preamp accepts audio inputs mostly analogswitches the inputs and raises the level of the selected input from line level to a point where a power amplifier can boost the sound to a more meaningful volume. Audiophile preamps can take digital inputs. Audiophile preamps can be solid state or tube designs. Preamps can also be merged with power amps to make an integrated amp.

To read reviews of many of the best affordable as well as audiophile grade stereo preamps - check out this audiophile resource page :. By Roger Skoff. Roger Skoff writes about comparing hi-fi gear by the numbers Read more. Sound or Looks? By Steven Stone. Steven Stone looks at the audiophile equivalent of the lady or the tiger Do you use your balance control?

Do you even HAVE a balance control? If not, Steven Stone has a couple of suggestions for adding one to your system. Why No Perfect Preamps? A preamp's job is simple - adjust the volume level and choose a source. How come we have yet to hear a completely transparent preamp? Audiophile Review never posts on Thursday, but Outlaw Audio just sent this email out to their customers Follow Audiophile Review on Twitter. Visit our Network of Sites.Skip to main content.

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audiophile passive preamp

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What struggle am I referring to you ask? The struggle for an end-game preamplifier of course. Separation anxiety. PS Audio Stellar three-fer. Lampizator Atlantic DAC. It wasn't far from my apartment. Upstairs, I'd sit over a heaping tray of russet chicken tikka, poori, nan and greasy samosas, and watch Bollywood musicals on the TV that was chained to the ceiling.

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Filter 2 provides better high-frequency response but its Fast Roll-off Minimum Phase filter lets in some post-ringing. Filter 3 is Bob's your uncle. Here's what I said about that, " I am meaningfully delighted, over and over again. His engineering background and experience in digital design have served him well having come up with many original creations and unique approaches in DAC design.

But the Callia intrigued me into it. If you look at the dates of those reports, you'll see it's taken some time to get a Callia here. It was worth the wait. Ridiculous right? That's equally ridiculous. Sarmento has come up with for today's computer audiophile. For those of you that aren't acquainted with E. Sarmento's California company, Wyred 4 Sound not only builds DACs, but offers power amps, preamps, integrated amps, music servers, along with cables and numerous accessories for the audiophile marketplace.

Yea, magic. In This Corner Weighing in at a fit 16 lbs. And in this corner, piles of stuff. Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Brooklyn The new Mytek Brooklyn DAC does not sport a slicked back undercut, big beard, skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, and tattoos. Wrong neighborhood.During my time as an audio reviewer I've probably reviewed over thirty different preamps. Most were active, but a few were passive or switchable from active to passive. I'm still waiting for an active preamp that's undetectable in a bypass test.

First, I guess it would be nice to define what an active preamp is, then I'll explain bypass tests. An active preamp is a component that has circuitry that can amplify line level voltages over unity gain. Unity gain is the level of the signal when it enters the inputs of a preamp. Active preamps can use tubes, discrete transistors, or op-amps as their gain devices.

Conversely, a passive preamplifier is one with no gain devices. Passive preamps can have transformers or other impedance-matching devices, and some even have provisions for remote controls, but a passive preamp can't amplify a line-level signal.

So what's a bypass test? A preamp's tape loop serves as an excellent location to insert another preamp to see if the sound changes when the tape loop, which includes the preamp under test in its signal chain, is engaged.

I've also done bypass tests where a preamp was inserted between a preamp and a power amp. Obviously volume levels need to be identical and any bypass test also involves an additional interconnect which can also have an effect on the overall sound. Both could be easily switched from active to passive. And with both units the best sonic results came from using them in passive mode.

The best feature of these preamps was that when you needed an active preamp, you could engage their active circuitry, but otherwise this part of the preamp could be bypassed.

Now, the main problem with passive preamps is that they can create impedance mismatches that can reduce dynamics and pace. Passive preamps put all the line-driving responsibilities squarely on the shoulders of the line-stage of your source device.

Some DACs and Players lack adequate output capabilities to be able to shoulder the responsibilities of driving a long line without issues. Also sometimes you need a way to deliver more volume than unity gain, which a passive preamp can't do. Purely passive preamps, such as my Reference Line Preeminence1B are ideal in computer audio set-ups where none of the components are more than a couple of feet away from each other.

Short cable runs are also far less prone to impedance issues. In bypass tests I've been unable to hear the Reference Line in the signal chain.

Unfortunately, all three of the preamps I've previously mentioned are no longer in production.

Audiophile Passive Pre-Amplifier – PS2™ High Quality Preamp

Especially if your system uses exclusively digital sources, using a DAC with variable outputs not only saves you the cost of a separate preamp, but can also deliver superior sonics. Sonically, nothing is better than nothing at all For more information about AudiophileReview. Luxury Publishing Group Inc.

All Rights Reserved. Audiophile Review. Preamps - Active, Passive, or none? Top of Page.This is a very impressive amp, beautiful quality build and simple, functional, elegant design. A famous designer and leader in the Victorian arts and crafts movement had a couple of sayings, "Less is more" and "Do not have anything in your house unless you know it to be useful or believe it to be beautiful ". I believe your amp fits all those categories perfectly!

You have produced an amplifier that sounds wonderfully detailed without a hint of harshness that clearly surpasses earlier amp I have and the Many thanks for the marvellous amp. The design of icOn4 was inspired by John Chapman's legendary Bent Audio TAP-X passive preamp and his "Slagleformer" modules that were very popular years ago, and sadly no longer available.

The TAP-X was built using the excellent autoformers of Dave Slagle, Intact Audio - offered the only magnetic passive preamps with a remote, microprocessor control and smart, non-linear relay switching technology available at that time.

These innovative "Slagleformer" volume controller modules were built into several highly successful high-end preamps as well as being available too as OEM parts. My goal with icOn4 was to offer the audiophile community a redesigned and updated version of John's preamp using Dave's world-class autoformer volume controllers, combined with a fully functioning remote control and sensible pricing.

I feel that with icOn4 my mission has now been accomplished - enjoy the new icOn4 - its the real deal! These features are simply missing from other passive transformer based preamps, meaning icOn 4 has a much higher level of versatility from the comfort of your armchair. For volume level adjustment, icOn4 uses high quality hermetically sealed reed relays or Vishay FET switches for selection of the autoformer taps, ensuring contact error and noise free operation, which conventional rotary switches are prone to.

The simple answer is that most people find that the autoformer volume control sounds significantly better than even the best potentiometer or stepped attenuator.

And it's not a subtle difference; most people report that the autoformer has such an open, effortless sound that they would not consider going back to a resistive device.

Have you realised, that most passive magnetic preamplifier looks the same TWO knobs and nothing more? We don't use old school, limited life expectancy rotary switches, only professional, very long life reed relays and Vishay FET switches with unlimited lifetime. An icOn4 has 48 pcs reed relays and within 1 sec 4 switching can happen Do the math and you will see, that you have to push continuously the volume button of the remote That's what we call reliable and bulletproof!

Rebirth of an audio legend. Latest feedback from a happy icOn4 passive preamp buyer: This is a very impressive amp, beautiful quality build and simple, functional, elegant design. Many thanks for the marvellous amp, Best Wishes, Mark. Mission and Vision of the icOn4 passive preamp design. How does icOn4 work? Why use an autoformer volume controller? Ultimate technical specification - ahead of the competition.

The power of reed relays.

audiophile passive preamp

Comparison of passive magnetic preamps. Main features: 40 volume positions reed relays or Vishay FET switches. You decide! The volume changes with reed relays can generate very faint clicks with certain program materials at high volume listening.

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So, of course, I was intrigued by Tortuga Audio the first time I was alerted of them about 1. I readily agreed to do so. The LDR1B. V25 is their newest balanced version of a passive preamplifier a single-ended version is also available. Moreover, if you combine it with the optional TPB. V1 buffer, together they form an active preamplifier; the buffer is a hybrid preamp buffer with a tube input stage and a solid state output stage, but without any built-in volume control, hence the need for an upstream volume control for its use.

The TPB. More on that later in this review. Tortuga Audio offers some of its products as build-it-yourself kits and also sells components for DIY, a wonderful approach which can significantly lower the prices and allow others to experiment. Tortuga only sell products directly from its website. When I got my first boat I named it Tortuga Dreamer.

When I started my audio company 5 years ago, there was only one choice…Tortuga Audio.

Preamplifier/DAC Reviews

What is LDR? Why is Tortuga Audio using it? A passive preamplifier for an audio system uses attenuation to control volume; high attenuation yields low volume, low attenuation yields high volume. Without such attenuation, your speakers and your ears would get the full possible blast attainable from the output.

Attenuation is typically achieved by using resistors resistive elements which can be controlled to lower the output, but there are also non-resistor varieties that instead use attenuation transformers.

In general, because there is no gain involved, such passives do not need to be plugged into a power source to do their job, except possibly using very minimal power for some peripheral reasons lights, remote control, etc. A passive preamp, however, depends entirely on the source component to drive the amps meaning that your source component must already produce a high enough output to justify the use of only attenuation for volume control.


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