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You can also see our Privacy Policy. Interested in blogging for timesofindia. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. Though best known as a poet, Rabindranath Tagore was a man of many aptitudes. The first Indian to win a Nobel for literature, he wrote and composed a wide array of songs. He was an…. Last week, once again I visited Kolkata for a couple of days.

My Kolkata home is near about the roadside, as one lies on bed, he…. Reason is, all across the city of…. For the last few days, I am under the spell of festivals. Actually every year, we see many festivals being celebrated across India.

Now it…. If you are not connected to sports in any manner, you do not ever get an insight into that world. Just like any other complicated and extended activity with many players and spectators, it…. As most Indians know, rosogolla holds an esteemed place in any Bengali feast or dessert spread.

In my school days, when I attended any…. When she was young her mother told her never to eat without sharing, and feeding others became a core part of her…. No one in their right…. Maney maney praney praney jodi re pran beche thaki, Dekhbo kato, dekhlam kato, aaro kato aachhe baaki. Je jaala diyechho morey Rekhechi shab jama korey, Jama kharoch melon korey sheshe bujhe labo baaki. In the…. They are opinionated. They are quirky.Follow Sudeshna on Twitter.

Add her as a friend on Facebook. Visit her Flickr photostream. Started inthe website pre dates all bong recipes sites, and thus, pre dates even the concept of blogging. The list below is a compilation of the most vibrant blogs on Bengali food. These blogs are usually frequently updated and most of them host recipe pictures as well, with the exception of Bangali Meye.

কীভাবে Blogspot এ ওয়েবসাইট বানাবেন - FULL TUTORIAL in Bangla

Image Courtesy: Flickr. Bookmark these wonderful blogs. Or better still, subscribe them in your reader. Or even better, email us at bengalicuisine AT gmail. Content quality of the blog is excellent but you would find images of the delicacies only in the earlier posts. In fact, in her very first post, she declares — this blog will probably not have that many pictures, ki kori, kabo, ranna korbo, na chobi tulbo. Posts regularly but unfortunately, not as frequently as her fans would like her to on authentic Bengali recipes.

Very few sites match up to this one in talking about authentic Bengali dishes. However, the posts became frequent and regular only from Nov The blog has a good blogroll list too.

Also, most of the recent images have copyright notice.

blog in bengali

Good move to thwart rampant plagiarism on the web. Located in Kolkata, Jayashree also has a personal blog. The site recently shifted to own domain name. The blog has almost traditional and non traditional Bengali recipes.

Like every blog, this one too has seen a couple of lull periods twice, to be precise. It has a great blogroll too. Sandeepa is available for freelance writing and can be reached at sandeepa. A thumbnail sized Durga welcomes you to her site, giving that quintessential bong- at-home feel. The blog hosts more than recipes mostly authentic Bengali, but several non Bengali as well and is fairly popular pagerank 3. She has dedicated the blog to her dearest Bapi who loves good food.

Sharmila also blogs on her travels. Appyayan — Indrani started the blog in Aprand till date, it has around posts in several categories. Indrani is based out of Singapore and calls herself a — busy full-time mom of a 10 year old girl and a set of twin boys 2 years old. The blog predominantly features Bengali recipes, and sometimes, other regional Indian and western recipes too. Incidentally, the blog started at same time as bengalicuisine and has the same number of recipes as of this date.

Call it coincidence, huh. She also maintains a recipe index of the blog. Cook a Doodle do — Started Feb by Sharmishtha, the blog features around 50 bengali recipes till date.

The site has gained popularity very quickly pagerank 3 in just 4 odd months. Check out her beautiful poem when she started the blog. Sharmishtha also has a personal blogcheck it out.He was in the kitchen, sitting at the table watching television through the doorway that leads to the living room, thoughtlessly fiddling with the salt shaker.

The person on the stairs walked slowly, possibly trying to avoid the spots where creaking was inevitable. As the feet got closer to the bottom of the steps, they slowed.

When the person reached what sounded like the bottom of the stairs, they stopped, making a long, high, final squeak.

Bangla Blog (বাংলা ব্লগ)

He paused at the sight, his heart thumping. His response was two-fold and embarrassing, as it always was when he saw something female and beautiful. A mix of painful, hormonal yearning, and terror. Shyness was his bane.

blog in bengali

It vied with every desire in his heart and groin, and had kept him bound and gagged most of his life. He was a lean twenty-two year old with tawny hair and eyes blue as the morning sky. His features were neither strikingly handsome, nor unappealing. They were often, however, mistakenly described as cold and distant. His shy nature kept him apart from people, and he rarely met their gaze when he was forced to speak with them. It was a Saturday night and I was just lounging in my apartment.

Zach, my roommate, had insisted I go out to some club with him. If nothing else, at least I could meet his new girlfriend who, by all accounts, was a fox. Not being in the mood rarely ever in the moodI declined. I was watching some mildly entertaining movie on cable when I heard giggling outside the door and down the hall.

Glancing at the clock, I realized it was fairly late. Ah, I thought, he brought her home with him. Now you can enjoy listening sex stories… on audio section! That is an extra effort for your pleasure!!

Visit our Audio Section. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Regional Bangla newspapers are sorted by cities.

Despite the growing popularity of Bangladeshi news websites, Bangla newspapers print versions are highly trusted. It is one of the highest circulated Bangladeshi newspapers. With a huge readership, Bangladesh Pratidin is counted among the leading newspapers in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there are thousands of Bangla news sites constantly providing updated news and information. Most of the national daily newspapers in Bangladesh are published in Dhaka.

Other big cities including ChittagongSylhetRajshahiRangpurKhulnaMymensingh and Comilla also published few daily newspapers. However almost all other cities have at least one local print newspaper as well as Bangla news websites. A local or regional newspaper serves a region and plays an important role in the local communities. During the past three decades, the number of English-language newspapers in Bangladesh has been increasing because of literacy and economic growth.

Largest circulated English-language newspaper in Bangladesh. BSS is the national news agency of Bangladesh. It was founded in January 1, BSS has correspondents in all 64 districts of the country. Best Web Hosting in Bangladesh. Prothom Alo It is one of the highest circulated Bangladeshi newspapers. Kaler Kantho Another popular Bangla newspaper, circulated all over the country.

Bangla Blog (বাংলা ব্লগ)

Jugantor Daily Bangla newspaper providing quality news and information. Ittefaq Ittefaq is the oldest daily newspaper in Bangladesh. It is still popular among the readers.Did you always aspire to have a Bangla blog of your own but never knew how to start? Well this post could be bring an end to your quest, as we guide you step-by-step to have your own Bangla blog, using universally acceptable Bangla fonts so that your posts can be read by anyone and everyone.

While this discussion is mainly related to creating a Bangla blog at Blogger. Were you able to see the Bangla proverb written last post below?

If you are still not able to see Bangla, and you now see boxes, then you do not have a Unicode compliant font on your computer. Read on to know how you would be able to see the Bangla text. To view Bangla text your computer should have atleast one of these Open type, Unicode compliant font:.

You may also use the code font from James Kass. Also, you should have Internet Explorer 6. This is, I believe, everything you would need to know to start your Bangla blog.

And once you start your own, don't forget to get it listed at the Bangla blog directory.

blog in bengali

Happy bong-blogging! Source credits: LekhoAlok. Sunday, April 04, Baby steps to a Bangla blog. But we hope Blogger. What does it mean? In any case, what matter are the blog posts which you can easily write in Bangla.

Bangla Typing or Bengali Typing বাংলা

You would do well to also go through this topic. Step 2: Did you see what I saw? Choose "Bengali" from the list as a matter of fact you should see all the font names, mentioned above, depending on which of these you installed. Click on any one of the fonts that appear in the list, depending on the preview and your liking.

I personally liked "Likhan". Step 3: From thoughts to words? Now, the most important aspect of your Bangla Blog would be posting your thoughts, in other words, how to type in Bangla, right? While it would always be advisable to use any good Bangla Unicode editor such as Lekho and you may find others here I would suggest using the excellent free online tools made available by Deepayan.

One of these tools lets you type Bangla in Roman script but my personal favorite is this one. The tools come with a help document so you don't have to panic at all. Did we miss any crucial point? Is any information given above erroneous? We request your help to correct us so that others may benefit from this document. Use the comments area to convey your thoughts. Labels: banglaunicode. Friday, April 02, A one-eyed uncle is better than no uncle at all.

Subscribe to: Posts Atom.All rights Reserved. Clinical Trials Coronavirus Vaccine Prospects 15 April, Time for another look at the coronavirus vaccine front, since we have several recent news items.

Word has come from GSK and Sanofi that they are going to collaborate on vaccine development, which brings together two of the more experienced large organizations in the field.

It looks like Sanofi is bringing the spike protein and… Read More. One of the notable things about the current pandemic is the way that all our modern biology and analytical techniques are on display. Molecular biology, structural biology, bioinformatics, technologies like cryo-EM structure determination, fast sequencing, protein interaction screening and more — this is a real-time look at how basic biomedic… Read More.

We have new data on hydroxychloroquine therapy to discuss. The numbers will not clear anything up. Didier Raoult. It includes the statement… Read More. Time for a word about screening for new coronavirus drugs. Things have gone on long enough for quite a few groups to produce supplies of the various viral proteins and set up small-molecule screens against them.

blog in bengali

Interleukin-6 is an interesting story. This preprint from German researchers presents some evidence… Read More. The word is today that the CDC is starting several efforts to do antibody testing. One of these is to look at people from areas that showed widespread cases of coronavirus who never… Read More.

I wrote here the other day on the recent recommendation that people taking either ACE angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or ARBs angiotensin receptor blockers should not alter their treatment regimens because of the coronavirus outbreak.

My previous reviews of the clinical data in this area are here. First up is this study from France. Mounting an antibody response is crucial for anyone to overcome a challenge from an infectious pathogen, and the immunity that can result is crucial for entire communities and populations. Determining who has such immunity is furthermore going to be crucial for us as we come out from under the current pandemic.

If… Read More. Categories "Me Too" Drugs 32 Academia vs.Use this free dictionary to get the definition of friend in Bangla and also the definition of friend in English. Also see the translation in Bangla or translation in English, synonyms, antonyms, related words, image and pronunciation for helping spoken English improvement or spoken Bangla improvement. English is one of the most widely spoken languages across the globe and a common language of choice for people from different backgrounds trying to communicate with each other.

This is the reason why English is the second language learned by most of the people. Bengali is the most widely spoken language in India after Hindi. Bengali has a rich folk heritage and plays a huge role in Indian literature. Most of the all-time classic novels and poems were penned in Bengali. Bengal, with its rich literary heritage, has produced a lot of educated people.

Thus, the English speaking lot of Bengal is much more when compared to other states. Skip to content. See In Kannada. See in Tamil. See in Telugu. See in Hindi. Examples in English : Advertisement. About English Language.


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