To do this you will need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all towers. Strategies Requiring 0. Strategies Requiring Then spam more until ceramics come. When ceramics come get ready to place other towers sell if you need to. Sell your dartling gunner. G then spam B. B then send M. B, then send more pinks, until you have Get temples until you have no more. Finally fill the rest with technological terrors.

Farm and upgrade building as many as you can before you need more popping power, then upgrade your 2 dart monkeys to juggernauts. Also you can get a lightning wizard or glaive ricochet boomerang monkey for more grouped bloon help.

On round 13 check and see if they can defend zebra rush. If they cant, sell your farm then rush them. If t wall design can defend zebras, farm until round 22 and send bfb's to be safe. You can risk round 18 moabs if you are certain they will win. Choice for Zen Garden and especially Indoor Pools.

Round 4: Send packed blue bloons. At this point your bloononomics should be around cash per interval. If opponent sends spaced pinks place another Dart Monkey. Only boost if absolutely necessary.With the release of Bloons TD 6 on Android, the dart throwing monkeys must once again rise to arms to fend of the invading bloons. Although Bloons TD 6 sticks to the formula that made it famous, there are enough new features to keep even veterans on their toes.

Unlike the previous entries in the saga, in Bloons TD 6 you can no longer upgrade towers to their highest level just by collecting cash. You need to unlock those levels by using the towers and gaining experience. On top of that, each tower now has three build paths with five stages each. The final fifth tier unlocks cost upwards of 50, exp each. As stated above, all you need to do to gain experience on your simian towers is use them.

Some towers might also be able to take down medium, depending on their strengths. Another big change in Bloons TD 6 is the introduction of hero towers. The trade off is that they have higher than average starting costs. Fortunately, the first two available are generally agreed to be the best you can get.

While hordes of bloons are a constant threat, two types in particular are likely to ruin your day. Even dart monkeys can pop them with a few cheap upgrades. Snipers, wizards, and boomerang towers can be upgraded to hit them as well.

Ninjas can even hit camo bloons without any upgrades at all. A number of other upgraded towers can take care of them too. Of course, any tower can hit camo bloons with a monkey village with the radar scanner upgrade. This combination is more than enough to take down any stage on easy or medium, and provides a good base coming forward. Ninjas are a strong early unit because they can hit camo bloons and shoot quickly.

Their weakness lies in lead bloons, which is where alchemists come in. As mentioned above, their acidic mixture dip upgrade gives any tower the ability to pop lead bloons.

A well placed ninja paired with a alchemist can handily defeat all 40 waves of any easy map, and all 60 waves of some stages on medium difficulty. Once the going gets tougher, drop down some super monkeys to provide extra firepower. By then you should be able to afford them. These knowledge points can be invested into one of six knowledge trees.

Each one provides unique benefits to certain towers, but not all are created equal. Here are a few quick tips for knowledge in Bloons TD 6.They are all unique, with increasing power generally accompanied by increasing cost. Most Special Agents aren't included here. Hotkey : Q Description : Shoots a single dart that pops a single bloon. A good, cheap tower suitable for the early rounds. Hotkey : W Description : Shoots 8 tacks spread in all directions, each tack can pop 1 bloon.

Has short range and medium-slow fire rate. Ability : Blade Maelstrom Ability : covers the area in an unstoppable storm of blades. Hotkey : E Description : Armed with a high-tech long range rifle, pops 2 layers off of bloons with unlimited range. Ability : Supply Drop Ability : drops a crate full of cash.

Hotkey : R Description : Throws a single boomerang in an arc back round to the monkey. Each boomerang can pop 3 bloons. Ability : Turbo Charge Ability : increase attack speed to hypersonic for 10 seconds. During the sabotage, all recently created and new bloons are crippled to half speed. Hotkey : Y Description : Shoots a single bomb that explodes in a radius burst on impact.

Good range, medium-slow fire rate. Can pop lead bloons but not black bloons. Does damage to ZOMG bloons instead of destroying them. Hotkey : A Description : Freezes bloons in its burst radius for a short time. Frozen bloons are immune to sharp objects. Ability : Absolute Zero Ability : freezes the entire screen of bloons for 4 seconds. Does not affect MOAB-class bloons.

Hotkey : S Description : Shoots a glob of monkey glue at a single bloon. Glued bloons move more slowly than normal. Ability : Glue Striker Ability : glues all bloons on the screen. Hotkey : D Description : Monkey Buccaneers can only be placed on water.Though BTD6 is very similar to the previous title, there are a few fundamental changes to the core gameplay.

For one, there are no more special agents. Instead, there are heroes not Supermonkeys that level up with each round. Though their levels do not carry over to the next arena, it has to restart every session. Secondly, you can only upgrade your monkeys with experience points, not with the in-game money you earn with every bloon popped. This makes each level a little more challenging than it was in the previous games as you can no longer put down a dart monkey and max out his skills in the first round.

There are also a few tricks that Bloons TD 6 does not explain very well, like soul binding a tower, what knowledge does, how to gain experience points, and a reminder of how to get those pesky lead bloons.

bloons td 6 hypersonic towers strategy

Be sure to check it out for any hints you might need to win the next arena. This happens when you unlock the last tier in the Intense Magic skill tree of the wizard monkey. Luckily, some folks over at Reddit have figured it out. Turns out, soulbind helps when you run out of lives. The tower will sacrifice itself and any other soulbind you have out to gain more lives.

Furthermore, you can only have one soulbind tower at a time, but you can bind as many other towers to it as you want to. This caution is expressed because the sites linked below require a valid email address before you can download the game.

Tack Shooter

All of these are basically APK versions, but getting to them is a lot riskier. Again, if you are worried about security, it might be best to avoid the links above. Both links have customer ratings and comments available to make sure you get a copy that works and has minimal bugs; it is always good to express caution when downloading an app from places other than Google Play and the App Store. Instead of upgrading your tower whenever you like with the money gained from bloon popping, you have to unlock each tier with experience points first.

It is easy enough to gain experience points — you simply need to put down the tower you want to upgrade and play. The more of that tower you have down, the more experience points you will get. If you want to farm for experience points, it is best to pick an easy arena and only put down the tower you want to upgrade. There are very few towers that will inherently tackle camp and lead bloons without any upgrades.

For camo bloons, those include ninja, wizard, and boomerang monkeys. For lead bloons, it is only the canon. The rest of the methods require upgrades, which expands the ability to almost all towers.

Even the dart monkey with enhanced sight will see a camp bloon. Other options for popping both camp and lead bloons include, but are limited to:.

bloons td 6 hypersonic towers strategy

These are skills and upgrades that will remain permanent throughout each arena and round, regardless of how much you lose or win. What you spend your knowledge points on is entirely up to you and what strategy you prefer.

For example, More Cash will net you an extra starting cash for each arena. More Cash does require some dedication, however, as it is the end of the Primary Knowledge tree. Again, it is really up to you how to spend the points and keep in mind that all abilities are passive. By Rhys Pugatschew. Updated Jun 21, at pm. Published Jun 21, at pm. Floating in the summer sky, 99 red, blue, yellow, and green bloons go by.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available. Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last Bloon that comes your way! We packed as much content and polish into this game as possible, and we'll continue to add new features, content, and challenges in regular updates.

We truly respect your time and support, and we hope Bloons TD 6 will be the best strategy game you've ever played. If it's not, please contact us at support ninjakiwi.

Now those Bloons aren't going to pop themselves Your purchases fund our development updates and new games, and we sincerely appreciate every vote of confidence you give us with your purchases. Ninja Kiwi Community: We love hearing from our players, so please get in touch with any feedback, positive or negative, at support ninjakiwi.

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Bloons TD 6 Hypersonic Towers Strategy - Hypersonic Tack Shooter!

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by ninja kiwi See more. Bloons TD Battles. The realtime player-vs-player tower defense game of Monkeys vs.It is a tower defense game where monkeys and their towers try to stop enemy balloons called Bloons from getting through the track by popping them. There is only one track and one difficulty in the game, and the strongest bloons are the White Bloon and Black Bloonwhich each contain two Yellow Bloons.

In later games, they contain two Pink Bloons. Unlike other games in the series, the Bloons are very off-centered. Bloons Tower Defense has 5 different towers to pick from. Listed below are all the towers. Cost: Description: Shoots a single dart. Can upgrade to piercing darts and long range darts. Tack Towers shoot 8 tacks in 8 directions at certain intervals. Cost: Description: Shoots volley of tacks in 8 directions.

Can upgrade its shoot speed and its range. Ice Towers freeze bloons for a short period of time. Ice Towers are ineffective against White Bloons. Cost: Description: Freezes nearby bloons. Frozen bloons are immune to darts and tacks, but bombs will destroy them.

Can upgrade to increased freeze time, and larger freeze radius. Bomb Towers launch bombs that explode on impact. Bomb Towers are ineffective against Black Bloons.

However, a bomb tower works well when near an ice tower. Cost: Description: Launches a bomb that explodes on impact. Can upgrade to bigger bombs and longer range. Super Monkeys shoot darts incredibly fast. Its only upgrade is Epic Range which improves its range greatly.

Cost: Description: Super monkey shoots a continuous stream of darts and can mow down even the fastest and most stubborn bloons. In Bloons Tower Defensethe enemies are the bloons, like the original Bloons game. In the game, there are 6 different kind of enemy Bloons, some with their own unique special abilities. The Red Bloon is the first enemy encountered in the game. They do not release a bloon when popped.

First encounter: Round 1 RBE : 1. The Blue Bloon is the second enemy encountered in the game. Blue Bloons are slightly bigger and faster than Red Bloons. They release a Red Bloon when popped. First encounter: Round 3 RBE : 2. The Green Bloon is the third enemy encountered.

Green Bloons are faster and bigger than Blue Bloons.

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Popping Green Bloons may be difficult at earlier rounds, due to their relatively fast speed compared to Blue and Red Bloons. They release a Blue Bloon when popped. First encounter: Round 6 RBE : 3. Yellow Bloons are the fourth type of Bloon encountered.Unlike the previous games, however, Bloons Tower Defense 6 utilizes 3D objects that can block the monkey's line of sight, which makes tower placement significantly more important.

Certain vision-blocking objects can be removed for a fee, which will free up space for tower placement and sometimes can reveal hidden water. BTD6 Steam for Macintosh was released worldwide much later on, starting from 12th March with the release of Version An example defense on the map Dark Castle. Gameplay in Bloons TD 6 is similar to previous games, with monkeys popping Bloons.

The new Bloons have different properties, such as Purple Bloons being immune to fire, plasma, and energy weapons, and Fortified Bloonswhich are stronger variations of their regular counterpart the Fortified property will double the health of all bloons it is applied to except for leads, which quadruples its health.

Each game progresses using rounds.

bloons td 6 hypersonic towers strategy

These rounds gradually introduce more Bloon types, and get harder the later the player progresses. Before starting a game, players are prompted to choose a mode - Easy, Medium, or Hard - and select a sub-mode. The variety of modes in Bloons TD 6 allows players to play the same map in many different ways, making the game more diverse than previous installments in the Bloons TD series. Upon completing a game, players will get a certain amount of Monkey Money based on the difficulty of the map chosen, and the mode chosen.

After a map's first completion on a difficulty, the amount of Monkey Money rewarded upon completion is significantly reduced. After defeating roundplayers will receive an 'Insta-Monkey' which has the chance of already having upgrades that can be placed for free in any mode except for C. Upon playing the game for the first time, the Army Monkey gives a tutorial on how to play the game. At the track Town Centerhe declares the aim of the game: "Stop the Bloons from getting through!

After placing a second Dart Monkey in another part of the track, the first round can be played. The Army Monkey then points out the Play button, which is used to begin the next round. After beating the second round, he points out that popping Bloons earns the monkeys experience: "Popping Bloons earns your Monkeys experience! He tells the player that "each Monkey type has 5 upgrades in 3 paths," after which the player is free to choose one of the Dart Monkey's Tier 1 upgrades to unlock.

After unlocking an upgrade, the Army Monkey tells the player that he needs to apply the upgrade to the Dart Monkeys in play in order for them to be able to use it. After completing Round 3, Quincyone of the nine current heroes, arrives. The Army Monkey tells the player that Quincy is a Monkey Hero that upgrades himself throughout the course of the game.

After Round 4 is completed, the player levels up to Level 2, allowing the player to unlock a Primary Monkey. The same process occurs after Round 9 is completed, which is when the player levels up to Level 3, allowing the player to unlock another Primary Monkey.

After Round 10, the player wins the tutorial game and earns Bloons Tower Defense 6 currently features a roster of 21 monkeys 2 new monkeys and 19 returning from previous BTD games and 9 heroes to help pop bloons. These monkeys are split into four classes: Primary, Military, Magic, and Support.


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