Subaru had a hit with their Impreza model. The well-mannered, safety sedan featured a boxer engine and all wheel drive drivetrain. This hit turned into a homerun with the WRX. The STi version of the Impreza is a grand slam! This first generation US market STI saw yearly updates with cosmetic tweaks and performance improvements. The rest is history. COBB has been the leader when it comes to aftermarket Subaru tuning for nearly two decades.

COBB Tuning approaches design by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system. Our ultra-high-quality products and services are professionally engineered, thoroughly tested and backed by industry leading customer service to ensure that they meet our objectives and exceed customer expectations. We are a one-stop firm with an enviable set of qualified skills and the exceptional ability to design, engineer, manufacture, test and service our own products under one roof. Our engineers rigorously test Hard Parts to find the right order and combination for the best incremental power gains.

Maps are created and tested to tune the ECU so that it supports and takes advantage of each part. Each Stage Package incorporates the parts below. Looking for Subaru STI aftermarket performance parts? It all starts with the Accessport! All of the off the shelf maps are included at no additional cost and free updates are simplified with Accessport Manager.

An upgraded intake is first on the list for one of the best car mods. It checks all the boxes by adding to the aesthetic under the hood, potentially adds some horsepower, and best of all, sounds amazing! It intakes the air and distributes it to the turbocharger.

Golf R DQ500 vs Subaru Impreza WRX STi TD05-20G (408hp)

If there is a restriction here, an upgrade can yield some significant power gains. The COBB Intake and integrated airbox look great and have the combined benefits of a short ram intake and a cold air intake without any of the negatives.

The system utilizes several unique features in an effort to maintain optimal flow for performance while minimizing turbulence that can cause engine management problems. Get those spent exhaust gasses out of the turbo fast for more horsepower. This mandrel bent exhaust uses twin straight-through mufflers terminating in beautifully laser-etched 3. The outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of our gorgeous turbo back exhaust!

Cat-backs, Downpipes, Upipes, Heatshields, and more!Contact us to ensure you're getting the right part for your car at the absolute best pricing on earth! Capable of producing hp and retaining excellent throttle response, the COBB 20G is a perfect turbocharger for street or track use! Absolutely Happy This turbo made fantastic numbers On 92 pump fuel it made The install was a little tricky but with the help from a professional and my tuner Stevetune we got it done.

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable. If the product fails it would need to be determined by MAPerformance that it is due to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. This does not cover normal wear and tear.

Improper use, modification, or abuse voids this warranty.

big 16g turbo vs. 20g turbo help please

MAPerformance will not be held responsible for additional costs due to the failure of a product cost of sale, towing, labor, etc. Warranty claims must be submitted to MAPerformance for review. You must create a support ticket to acquire your return authorization number prior to returning the product. Warranty claims will not be honored if the product was not purchased through an approved dealer.

For warranty evaluation please create a support ticket via this form here. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within Australia or the UK. If you have any questions, feel like you received this message in error or would like suggestions on other brands please contact us here. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within Australia.

Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within your country. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within California. Unfortunately we are not able to ship this item outside of the United States. If you have any questions please contact us at: or Email Us Here. Your Cart Summary. Choose Your Car.Everybody and their mother has already reviewed it.

It comes pre-loaded with a number of off-the-shelf tunes for various conditions or stages of tune. For example, a Stage 1 tune works with an otherwise stock car, while a Stage 2 tune for my WRX requires an aftermarket J-pipe, a popular and effective power adding mod. You can customize features like a shift light, launch control, and flat-foot shifting, run performance tests, diagnose and clear OBD2 trouble codes, and configure up to six different gauges to monitor engine parameters in real time, as well as log them.

It cost me more than an entire VW Jetta. I admit, a stretch goal of mine with this car is to one day get the same hp out of it as the STi while maintaining the superior daily drivability of a non-STi WRX.

Even with just a little bit of throttle the car wants to take off like a rocket. Among the parameters I can look at in the center screen — even without the Accessport — is throttle position. This makes the WRX difficult to drive conservatively. At lower speeds and throttle input, it always wants to go, go, go. My Accessport came with v3. Like Josh, I chose the Stage 1 off-the-shelf tune for 93 octane gas.

The Accessport install and reflash was easy. The unit walks you through it step by step. Immediately, I found my WRX to be much easier to drive. I feel like I can work with this. One point worth noting is that my peak boost is actually lower than stock. But this particular tune is supposed to give me a maximum boost of Is it worth getting an Accessport if the vast majority of your driving is commuting in traffic?

Plus, my butt dyno tells me that peak horsepower has increased, which is what ultimately counts. Share Tweet Pin It Reddit.By volvoguy23July 6, in Performance Modifications. I have 94 turbo k, ard white tune, cone filter, mbc 14lbs, cat delete. I want to go faster plain and simple Ill have lucky do the tune of course and can make my own dp blah blah blah Where can i get a 20g and how much?

I dont care if its used or not but does anyone know of anyone??? Just dont know where to get one and was wondering if someone could help a guy out. Because im not ready to ruin the rods yet. Why put a bigger turbo on when you cant run it at its full potential? I just want something like the 20g for now. Suggest you go with an 18T I didnt mean bigger? I meant better over all. And its the smaller turbos running high boost at low rpms that really kills rods, not so much the late spooling big turbos.

Thats what i want a slower spooling turbo Im looking at around to play with There are better turbos out there but the 20g, like all mitsu turbos are cheap and easy to rebuild and are water cooled. This a real precision turbo?? I would probably want the 82ar housing for slower spooling correct?? Thats a very goos price real or not has to better than fleabay turbos.

Stop trying to buy a turbo that spools slow, by the proper turbo for your goals and use a real tune and ebc to control boost. Go with the smaller AR, and get a good tune. And based on what you said, it seems like the HRC 16G would provide all the flow you want. Agreed, ewg will cost a good chunk of money, hrc's 10cm2 units are a ballsy Turbo in a small size frame. Seems like everybody forgot about my exhaust housing I understand that that is pushing budget up a bit more but hey, that's what a forum is for Performance Modifications Search In.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted July 6, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Why a 20G?Department of Transpertation.

cobb 20g turbo vs stock

Here's a comparison chart of turbo compressor wheel and turbine wheel. Not necessarily sorted by size and power. I did not list the horsepower rating of the turbos.

cobb 20g turbo vs stock

It depends many variables. I only listed the compress flow in CFM. Some cfm listed are max flow. Others are listed at 2 pressure ratio PR or at As new turbo kits coming out, if you have the specs major and minor of compressor and turbine wheels and compressor maps and want to post them here, send me an email. Note: some turbos come as a bolt-on kit. Specs are not limited to the chart listed below for those none-bolt-on turbos. Getting this chart to re-size itself is proving to be a nightmare for us here.

We appoligize. Ahead of time. G T30R. To4E Want to know more about your particular Make and Model vehicle? All of these vehicles are covered in the tech, maintenance and repair articles found above. Enginebasics is the wiki or wikipedia of car part, repair, how to and tuning information.

Let us be the class for your automotive learning. Below are just a few of the articles found here on enginebasics. Dynamic Compression Air to Air Vs.

Special thanks to:. Thank you for showing the REAL easy way, and saving me some money.Nav Menu 1. The mountune MRX Turbocharger Upgrade for the Focus ST offers greater power output with minimal increase in turbocharger lag, which greatly enhances the driving experience.

Tested and validated over thousands of miles for durability and performance, the mountune MRX Turbocharger Upgrade includes all required hardware, fittings and hoses along with engine calibration for a range of power levels and fuel types. This upgrade does not require any fuel system upgrades and is compatible with both 91, 93, and 94 octane fuel. The mountune MRX Focus Turbocharger Upgrade has been developed for those that desire a fully engineered upgrade that provides an optimized power band.

Unlike other upgrades that deliver just peak or high RPM power, the mountune MRX Turbocharger Upgrade offers performance throughout the entire power band ensuring a very responsive and drivable car. The MRX Turbocharger Upgrade is designed for those that are looking for well balanced yet extremely powerful performance derived from years of developing race winning Ford 4 cylinder turbocharged engines.

The standard BorgWarner K03 based turbocharger, as found on the Ford EcoBoost engine in the Focus ST, is a capable turbocharger with excellent response and power potential up to the low bhp range. For power outputs above that level, a larger turbocharger is required.

Because of the unique Low Inertia Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel, power comes on strong with amazing response and virtually no turbo lag. Integrated recirculation valve ensures smooth drivability and throttle transition. The EFR A lends itself well to incredible response with virtually no lag while producing incredible power and a very drivable car. As with any upgrade of this type, additional strain is placed upon your engine and drive train. It is advised that you upgrade your internal engine components and drive train to support the additional power and performance.

For motorsport and track use, it is strongly recommended to upgrade your engine internal components to avoid catastrophic engine failure. This product is for race and track use only.


This part has been designed and is intended for off-highway application only. Installation of this part on a vehicle that is driven on public roads may violate U. Click Here for Emissions compliance information.

Download Installation Manual. Can I just buy the base components? Additionally the upgrade was engineered to be compatible with the vehicle's stock fueling system. While the. However we do acknowledge those that have installed additional fueling devises along with upgraded engines and therefore offer the MRX with the larger EFR turbocharger.

Please note that if you choose to install the larger EFR turbocharger, additional technical support from Mountune may not be available. Will this turbo kit void my warranty? Due to the nature of motorsport and racing product usage the mountune MRX turbo upgrade is not covered by the original factory Ford warranty.

Down Pipe Type:. Add High Flow Sport Cat. Installation Guide. Does the stock clutch handle the power? The turbo upgrade was tested on a car with the standard clutch and there were no signs of slipping during the 15, mile test cycle. Driving style and use would also have an effect on the clutch life and performance.

Will the stock transmission be OK with the turbo kit? The turbo upgrade was tested on a car with the standard transmission and there were no signs of any issues during the 15, mile test cycle.But it is possible.

GTS - HP This "benchmark" turbo, used my many a kitmaker, makes excellent power but spool-up does suffer about rpm later than stock. I have been curious to see where the mordern day variants of these T3-T4's spool on a 2. GT35R - rpm on a 2. Also, RNR made hp at 21psi on 91 and hp on 93 without alcohol injection. So it seems it spools faster than the and makes more power Also, a is capable of about hp, the 50trim about hp good tune, race gas but faster spool and me running pump gas on a daily basis in my mind make the 50trim better.

If any of this is wrong, someone correct me, a turbo isnt cheap and I dont want to buy the wrong one. Smogrunner, sorry, I never saw this post. Anyone who wants my attention in a post just send me a PM with a link and I'll be glad to stop by.

Next, the. Depending on the build we are doing we will sometimes use the. I have now tested a few different header designs and tested different turbine housings with the HTA35r. Overall I'd say the. The 3" does however make fabricating the housing, nicely, in one piece much easier.

cobb 20g turbo vs stock

It was said that most of the charts posted from us are on the. That could seem true simpy because my car has a ton of charts posted BUT there are some kick ass charts posted with the. We've made whp here on the. Best ever was on Peter's car at whp on the.

The difference in spool as dave said should be about rpm sooner at lower boost levels, although I would venture a guess that the difference between spool times to make 30 psi would be more considerable in the rpm range. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help.


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