In which Hermione and Fred accidentally bonded their souls during the battle of Hogwarts, and are now forced to confront their hidden feelings for each other. Don't read it if you don't like that sort of thing. The brilliant colors of the setting sun, juxtaposed behind the helter-skelter architecture of the Burrow, reflected the jubilant feeling in the air.

Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived, had become the-boy-who-defeated-voldemort with a minimal amount of casualties. A week before Harry, Ron, and Hermione ripped through Hogwarts looking for a horcrux and ended up initiating the final battle. The two sides battled through the night, and it was almost morning when Voldemort finally slumped to the floor, dead.

Everyone in the Burrow was currently singing the praises of one Hermione Granger. During the fight, a wall blasted apart, shoving a jagged piece of rock through the spinal column of Fred Weasley. In a daze Hermione quickly ran forward and pulled the rock out, immediately beginning a litany of healing spells, while yelling for Percy to get her bag and bring her the bottle of dittany. It took half an hour of spells and a miracle, but by the time she was done Fred Weasley was alive.

Nobody knew how she did it and, as Madame Pomfrey kept reminding everyone, by all accounts, Fred should have died. Hermione couldn't remember all the spells she had used, some of them she had only read about and stored in the back of her mind when she used them on Fred, frantic to save his life. The family didn't care about should haves, and was just thankful that she was there, regardless of how it happened.

Hermione however, knew something had gone awry, but since it saved Fred's life and they had so far experienced no adverse effects, she was not looking into it. Ron looked around and reddened before swallowing his food and going back to arguing heatedly with his brother Charlie. Hermione shook her head and laughed at her friend. It seemed like he would never change from the boy he was when they first met on the train to Hogwarts. Her other best friend, Harry Potter, was currently sitting next to his fiance Ginny Weasley in the living room, whispering in his ear.

After the battle was won, the first thing Harry did was propose to Ginny. He said that after spending almost a year away from her while hunting horcruxes, he never wanted to be away from her again.

Ginny agreed and they were planning on getting married before the summer was over. She jumped and looked around wildly. Fred laughed as he dropped into the seat next to her. Hermione gave him a scathing look, "It could have something to do with the year I spent on the run, or maybe the battle I fought in, or it could be something as innocuous as a history of pranks in this house.

Fred laughed again. George is so thankful, he's building a shrine in your honor. Hermione's smile slipped as she imagined what life without Fred Weasley would be like. Incredibly boring probably, a Burrow with no laughter.

She grimaced at the thought, and felt tears welling up. I didn't come over to make you sad. In fact I had the opposite intention. Come away with me my dear lady and see what I have planned for our entertainment tonight" he said as he reached out for her hand to pull her out of her chair.Fred looked at Hermione, she just saved him.

Hermione ran right after Ron and Harry, right in the middle of the battle. It has been a year since the battle of Hogwarts. Weasley thanks Hermione every day for saving her son. Hermione told Mrs. Weasley that it was nothing. The students are now going back to Hogwarts.

The seventh years are allowed to go back to finish their year at Hogwarts. Harry and Ron walked down with Percy. Since the battle Ginny and Harry are together again. Percy now is on good terms with his family. After the battle Hermione and Ron agreed to be just friends because when they kissed, it made things awkward. Weasley looked at everyone who was at the table.

She smiled at all of them. Weasley was just so happy that now everything is going to be alright. Harry saw her smile and smiled back at her. Ron said nothing after that. He knows that he could not argue with his mother. Hermione just snickered at Ron for that face he made. Everyone got done with breakfast and quickly got ready. As they arrived to Diagon Alley, they saw the new repayments to the stores and Gringotts Bank. After shopping at many stores they went to Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

Hermione was the first the enter the busy store. She looked at the new inventions that the twins made since the battle. Their ideas grew and made better things. Hermione always thought those two were really smart. She picked up a communication box. Fred explained it to her.Story Author Community Forum. Just In Keeping the Grounds Demigod Style by TexanPixels The gods are worried about a dark wizard in the magical community and send their best hero to go and investigate.

They opportunity comes when the position of Groundskeeper at Hogwarts opens up, but this nosy trio is making his job complicated. Percy centric but occasionally features Harry's POV.

Used to keep the crossover straight in my own head. T, English, words: 1, 31m. For Gab. Every day they would greet each other in the common room they shared, as Head Boy and Girl, with nothing but the minimal level of civility. It was fine by him. Wallace Lily Evans knows she can't forgive Severus Snape, so why is it so hard to let him go? Ratings will vary based on chapter. Behind the scene by WanderlustStrider What was happening behind the closed doors of Dumbledore's office since ?

Stars by Sunlight It's been years since the Hogwarts launched from Earth. It's been 50 years since Grindelwald's Rebellion was tamed, and its instigators sent to the Lower Levels. It's been 14 years since the last uprising, since last criminal was sentenced to the Lowers. Until now. Harry Potter - orphan, hero of the last uprising, inventor - didn't mean to enter the Lower Levels.

He just… fell.

If you are sensitive to triggers like rape, abuse, murder, blood or things like that, I advise that you don't read. Severus, just Severus by MorganaShadow One-shot.Though I have things planned out in my head, I have lost my inspiration to write it. I have a few other authors try to help me out, but it's hard for them to find the time. My sincerest apologies.

One and only disclaimer: I don't own the characters or any part of the Wizarding world. And I don't get paid for my fanfics. They're just fun. With the two of them, writing fanfics has never been so fun! It was over. The war had finally come to an end.

Voldemort had been defeated and the wizarding world was safe once more. They should have been happy. There should have been joy and celebration, but instead the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was filled with great sorrow and weeping. The room was lined with many injured men, woman, teens and too many still bodies; those who had lost their lives in the last battle; to allow any room for joy or relief.

Hermione stood in silent tears among the crowd of redheads that she considered her second family. All heads were bowed, every face stained with tears as they stood over the lifeless body of Fred Weasley. The room was filled with hushed heavy chatter and quiet sobs, Mrs.

Weasley letting out the occasional pained cry. They stared at the still, cold face and stiff body of their beloved son, brother, and friend feeling heavy and empty.

Hermione had never been extremely close to him, but he was still a great friend, practically a brother, and her grief was equal to that of those around her. She wanted desperately to comfort them all, but could not find a single word to say. Though she knew she was accepted in their group, she still felt a little like an outsider imposing upon their space and time of mourning.

hermione saves fred during the final battle fanfiction

She wished that Harry was there with her, she knew he would understand, but he was filled with his own grief and had retreated to his dorm for a time of solitude.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Hermoine and a Weasly Twin? Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: This is the place where you can come to read fics with a Hermoine and Fred or Hermoine and George shipping. No Twincest though! If any subscriber has a fic that I missed please e-mail me and I will add it to the community : Some fics are completed and some are works in progress.

If someone wants to be on staff just give me an email :. With magic that no one understood, she saved Fred's life. Hermione soon discovers that her actions did much more than restart his heart; a deeper connection was formed. Rules of Conduct by BittyBlueEyes reviews A potion study gone terribly wrong causes Hermione and Fred to see each other in a whole new way.

Hidden Love by wvvampire reviews Someone is watching Hermione from the shadows…why? And better yet…who?

hermione saves fred during the final battle fanfiction

And now finished. Full story to be posted within 2 weeks.

hermione saves fred during the final battle fanfiction

I couldn't look at him without that horrible yet very attractive tingling I got when we looked straight into each other's eyes. Romance, Humor, and a bit of action! Hermione and Fred. What will happen? She wants to keep her parents safe in Australia until all the remaining death eaters are caught, must return to Hogwarts, fulfill another prophecy and so much more!

Hermione is ready for any thing There's never a dull moment around the Burrow. Past Occurences by Panny reviews Fred wakes to find his wife Hermione missing, and suddenly finds himself several years in the past, before the two ever got together. Can he convince Hermione that his feelings are genuine, or has his coming to the past ruined their future forever? Just Another Prank?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (4/5) Movie CLIP - Escape From Malfoy Manor (2010) HD

But, is she still joking, or is she for real? The Abandoned Classroom by nerdgrrrl reviews Hermione and George remember the prank that backfired and brought them together.And so, Monday's classes came and went. Hermione rushed through the Head of House meeting; there was nothing overly important for them all to talk about anyway, and then she and Draco walked to Harry and Ginny's room. She'd talked to Harry earlier and he'd agreed to get Ron to their room in preparation.

She and Ron had been on decent terms now for a few weeks, finding a comfort level talking in groups together, as well as making a point to walk up to each other for a conversation once a week or so. Try to gradually get to a point of not feeling uncomfortable around each other. It was clear to Hermione that Ron hoped they would retain their friendship as well, which is what made her want to be honest with him and give him the decency of a private conversation between friends, as opposed to catching him off guard with everyone else.

She and Draco paused outside Harry's door and he squeezed her hand reassuringly, "I love you and I'll be right here by your side. You've done nothing wrong. He'd continued being cordial to Draco at Harry's request, but he certainly had no intention of hanging out with him, "I was just about to head off to bed," he said a bit rigidly.

He'd tried to politely excuse himself and assumed she knew why so he didn't understand why she was making it awkward for them all. Draco closed the door behind them and came to stand next to Hermione, "Evening, Weasley," he said, trying his hardest to convey some kind of polite tone. Draco and I are dating. We wanted everything to be out in the open and I wanted to be the one to tell you. But now I need to be respectful to Draco and let everything be out in the open.

Draco took a step forward towards Ron, not at all a fan of being treated like he wasn't in the room, "It's most certainly not a joke, Weasley. But you know I did. I know him as a completely different person than you do.

If you just give him a chance —". Or were you already with him when we called off our engagement? You and I both knew we weren't happy and that we weren't supposed to be together.

Nothing happened between Draco and I until after we broke up. He wasn't even listening to her, "I guess this explains why you started going to your Sunday meetings early and going on dates to the Three Broomsticks.

And we were friends.

hermione saves fred during the final battle fanfiction

And I didn't leave you just because I had a crush. You and I weren't working. We weren't happy. We hadn't put effort into our relationship for years and it was a long time coming.

Of course my feelings for Draco played a factor in making a decision when it came to you and I because that wouldn't have been fair to anyone if I didn't address it, but it was far from the only factor. So yes, once you and I were broken up, I took some time to think about what I needed to move on from our relationship and what I wanted in the future and another month later Draco and I talked and we acknowledged that we were feeling the same way.

That's life. It's unexpected and unplanned, and sometimes it's messy. I did my best to put space between everything and not make any rash decisions but at the end of the day, it's just something that happened.

I'm not sorry I fell for Draco because he's a wonderful person. And just because you and I broke up doesn't mean I don't care about you.

You'll always be important to me and your friendship will too if we can move past this. You and I were always better as friends and we've both agreed about that. Without knowing how to respond, Ron rounded on his sister, "And you're okay with this?

You've told me you think they're crazy for being friends with him. Ginny glanced at Draco and then back at Ron, "No, Ron, I don't understand it and I've got plenty of personal issues to work through with Malfoy, but Hermione is my friend and she's happy and you both decided mutually to split, as I remember it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Almost five years after the Battle of Hogwarts ended in Harry Potter's death and the triumph of Lord Voldemort, Hermione Granger and her surviving friends battle to keep hope alive in a post-apocalyptic world where Muggles now know about magic.

Fighting alongside the wizards of Koldovstoretz and Muggle forces in a never-ending genocidal war, Hermione will find herself confronted with a choice that may restore the hope of victory to the free world, and present her with an impossible love.

In a last ditch effort to end the war, Hermione Granger decides to give Tom Riddle a glimpse of his own future in the hopes that he will change his past.

Many have died, and the Resistance has all but fallen. Prompt I received on Tumblr: Being able to telepathically communicate with your soulmate. Hermione and Fred are soulmates. Draco sabe bien que no es homosexual. Sabe que lo suyo es simple curiosidad.

Y sabe bien que un Malfoy nunca se queda con la inquietud de indagar. AU a partir del sexto libro. Instead Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy kept finding themselves drawn together during their 8th year of Hogwarts resulting in explosions of emotions, fighting, heartbreak and some seriously awkward sexual tension.

Can they work out their differences to bring down Bellatrix after she escapes the Battle of Hogwarts and attempts to rebuild the Death Eater Army or will it all blow up in their faces? Parker Selfridge is just a man trying to do his job and avoid rocking the boat too much. Harry Potter is a man who has lived for too long, but craves adventure, and finds it in the form of the great moon, Pandora.

Warden Commander Edmund Cousland had been in this world 10 years now, raising Kieran with Morrigan in a safe place far from the war and prejudice of Thedas. But now war has come upon the Circle of Magi called Hogwarts and he would not stand aside and let them fight this battle alone. He would consider it one last service for this world before he returned home with his family at the behest of Inquisitor and revived Dalish god Dirthamen.

He prayed his blade and Dirthamen's magic would be enough. It's been years since they were truly rivals and now he loves him, Hermione, and Ron dearly. Perhaps Harry a little more dearly than the rest, although he could never bring himself to admit it.

So when Harry decides to make the sacrifice play, Draco stops him, and with a bottle of polyjuice potion and a hair or two, takes his place. If you haven't read the Artemis Fowl series, please go do yourself a favour and read it. If you read fanfiction like I do, you'll be done in a few weeks. What should have happened at the final battle between Albus and Gellert.

You know, because they're in love and it would have been a painful battle and we've got to up the angst to heart-wretching proportions. Sort of a time travel story, but it's unintentional, unconscious time travel. Hermione saves Fred because she luuuuuuves him and all that time turner use rubbed off on her. Rating is purely for violence The Battle of Hogwarts, of courseand mention of a canonical minor character death.

No smut. He expected her to yell back at him, but all she said was, "There are no tricks here, Draco. Only hope for survival. So I've got a number of prompts knocking about that I'm probably never going to get around to using so I thought I'd put them here.

The prophecy states that the Chosen One is a boy Marked by Voldemort as his equal, is born in the last days of July, and has parents who have thrice defied Voldemort Hermione saves Fred during the Battle of Hogwarts, but at an expense. Now they have to try and navigate Hermione's need for contact with him while still managing their personal lives. All this while Hermione tries to deal with the fact she wants so much more from Fred. After the Death Eaters win, Harry clings to life stripped of himself and terrified for the future, but determined to fight.


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