However, when a coin is scarce and difficult to obtain, it is usually in high demand because of collectors who need that specific coin to finish a collection, which can create the potential for profit appreciation for key date coins.

It makes sense that rare U. Relatively small increases in demand tend to push prices upward, with the rarest coins generally appreciating the most over time. Because they are seldom seen in the market, those coins which are a key to finishing a set have tremendous appeal for collectors, regardless of their quality. Demand is always strong and, therefore, price sustainability and upward price pressure is present even when the overall market is soft.

Ever since U. They tend to have higher price appreciation than their common-date counterparts. Most U. Lincoln Cent as one of the most popular key date coins. This is because these originally low mintage coins were frequently kept first by collectors and saw little or no circulation, while common date coins were rarely saved and typically became heavily worn over time.

The pursuit of key date coins is an important part of coin collecting and a rite of passage for every set collector.

The building of a set requires a defined set of objectives, and generates a growing feeling of satisfaction, as the collection progresses to completion. Collectors are generally willing to pay a higher price for the key dates simply because they need them to complete their sets. This is because the key date rarity commands attention and drives competitive bidding at auctions when these coins are offered.

Some people want to collect and complete an entire series, some want to complete type sets, some want proof sets and others just want to invest in coins with the best potential return on investment. The reality is, that all coin collectors are actually coin investors. Anyone who collects coins is making an investment, whether in the long or short term. A collector may prudently sell the coins they buy just to raise more money to buy higher grade coins.

They may also buy and hold onto their key date coins for longer-term appreciation. Nonetheless, at some point the buyer or heirs will sell the coins and expect to make money on the investment. Even some problem key date coins with issues can be in high demand.

The coin is a key date for a reason, and any minor problem may lower its value a bit, but not its overall desirability for collectors who want to own that key date. For example:. Each series has key dates, and there are too many key dates to mention here. Anthony C. Paquet was an assistant U. Mint engraver whose intricate coin designs are recognized today as fine artwork.

The crowning achievement of any numismatist would be to own one of these two examples. Inthe San Francisco Mint was a bit slower to receive news that the Paquet design would not be used. A telegraph message was sent to the San Francisco mint ordering a return to the old style Longacre reverse.

And it would be a crowning achievement to add one of these coins to any collection. Mint records and correspondence indicate that 31, examples were struck; however, nearly all of these were melted because of minting issues with the design. The exact number of survivors is not known with certainty. The surviving examples are mostly high quality and were either saved as assay pieces or obtained directly from the mint prior to the decision to melt the issue.

It is thought that just 50 of the Rolled Edge Eagles were preserved for museums, numismatists and those associated with the design.Click any of the U.

Coin Types listed below. Everything from the Half Cent to Double Eagle is covered. Once a selection is made, you'll zoom off to a dedicated page where you'll read about the coin's provenance and historical legacy, complemented by beautiful photos and images from long ago. Each coin type chapter has a key date summary and recommendations. What is meant by "key date" coin?

key date coins inc

Here is one definition: It is a coin of relative scarcity popularly sought by coin collectors. There is limited supply to meet demand, driving prices higher over time, compared to its more common counterparts. If a collector seeks to acquire coins destined to rise substantially in value over time, there are really just a few coins worthy of consideration. Before we get too carried away with our discussion of key dates and rising prices, let's get the links to the various U.

Click any of these links directly below to view specific coin type pages. If you're ready to resume our discussion about key dates, scroll down a bit or click here. There is no charge to access the data tables.

The tables track U. In other words, the tables help identify Ready to talk more about key dates? Okay, let's resume our conversation However, numismatic ambitions can be fulfilled while simultaneously buying coins almost certain to increase sharply in value. The question is, then, how does a buyer sort through thousands of offerings to isolate promising key date coins for the purpose of reselling someday at a much higher price?

Case in Point: eBay US coin auctions. For sure, rare coins of exceptional growth potential lurk throughout the massive eBay universe, but developing an effective strategy to search for blue chippers requires some understanding of long term value trends for individual collectible coins.

Succinctly stated:. Coins that have been the most eagerly pursued by the collector base for decades are the same coins that will remain hot in the future. The underlying cause for their popularity is genuine scarcity, relative to other coins in a given series e. As each U. We believe that if collectors strive to purchase properly graded key date coins, they will attain two lofty objectives: 1 proudly own a numismatic legacy of high regard, and 2 realize much higher prices down the road, should the decision someday be made to sell.

When you acquire Key Date rare coins, you have every reason to expect them to rise in value, higher and higher the longer you keep them. On occasion, there may be minor, temporary reversals, followed by a lonp period of consistent growth.

The biggest risk when you buy coins on eBay, or anywhere else, is with the honesty of the people selling them. We have a full section on coin buying advice to help you avoid frequent pitfalls. The study of coins is a lot more than just dates and mint marks; an appreciation of the historical underpinnings of the nation that issued them brings a much broader picture into perspective.This is a multi-location business. Find a location.

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key date coins inc

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Buy Key Date Rare Coins

Business Details.A key date coin is one that is more difficult to obtain than others in the series. A key date may include all coins from a single year or just one date and mintmark combination. Key dates coins can also include special varieties of coins as noted in popular guide books. This list was compiled using many sources. As can be expected, there were many differences in opinion especially for preth century coins.

Judgement was made as to what to include based on mintage and population reports from the grading services. A list of this type cannot be perfect. But if you have a compelling discussion to include or exclude a coin, please contact me and we can discussion your concerns.

Key Date Coins A key date coin is one that is more difficult to obtain than others in the series. At the present, this list does not contain gold coins. Like this: Like Loading Get BLOG updates via email:.

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KEY DATE Mercury Dimes under the Coin Scope!

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing using this site, you agree to the use of cookies. Ok Read more.Disclaimer: "Past performance is not an indication of future potential values. Any opinions expressed here are just that, an opinion and they reflect a personal buying preference for investing in coins. These opinions are not meant to denigrate or devalue any company's offerings, which may or may not increase in value over time. Number One on the list is the TV shopping network "coin dealers" and premium "mints" that sell nice looking commemorative coins for exorbitant prices.

Unfortunately, these coins have no additional value beyond their bullion or face value when you or your heirs eventually sell them. Mint coins that are almost always priced several times higher than the coins would cost from a reputable coin dealer! These shows rarely sell anything that can't be acquired elsewhere at more affordable prices, so don't impulse buy from these TV shows! Do a little research, and you'll see the same Silver Eagles at just a few dollars over spot price from traditional coin dealers.

Uncirculated Morgan Dollars seem to be a prime product that TV shopping network coin dealers sell at an exorbitant price. They push these common coins as old and rare. When in fact, they can be purchased for a reasonable amount from your local coin dealer. They usually bundle these coins into ten, twenty-five, or fifty-year collections.

They state that they are "rare" or "difficult to obtain" because they have assembled these sets into multiyear runs. Your local coin dealer can assemble a collection of Proof or Uncirculated Mint Sets for you at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, never buy coins from TV shopping shows! Second on the "do not buy" list are coins issued by the National Collector's Mint. The United States Mint has issued warnings about this company's misleading advertisements in the past, particularly its "Freedom Tower" coins.

National Collector's Mint advertisements imply that Freedom Tower coins and other medals have meaningful amounts of precious metal in them when in actuality, they do not. Additionally, they produce a large quantity of "tribute coins" which are copies of genuine U. The actual market value is just a few dollars. Therefore, these tribute coins make a poor investment. Also, despite the perception they often give to the contrary, nothing this "mint" makes has any association whatsoever with the genuine United States Mint, and it is a generally accepted opinion that the coins they sell are, and will remain, virtually worthless as an investment collectible.

Next on the "do not buy list" are coins and medals from the Franklin Mint and other premium collectibles mints such as the Bradford Exchange, etc. They are aggressive marketers who do sell genuine bullion coins, but their coins usually do not have any premium after-market value among coin collectors and investors.

You will typically find that when you buy a one-ounce silver coin that it is only worth the value of its silver bullion when you go to sell it. Another lousy investment is "spurious set" coins. These sets are popular TV shopping network products. You can also find these sets advertised in magazines and at flea markets.

Top 5 Worst Coin Investments

The company assembles the low-grade coins into sets and places them into fancy plastic holders with elegant packaging. Common themes include coins that were all minted during World War II, the Vietnam War, or they are from different countries that celebrated Marilyn Monroe or some other bygone celebrity. Such coins are usually genuine, but they probably won't be worth what you paid for them when you go to sell them.

The final type of worthless coin investment is modified coinssuch as genuine U. Mint products that have been altered by adding holographic stickers or coloring. Coin collectors and numismatists consider these coins as "damaged," and you will only get bullion value when you go to sell them. According to many experts, the best type of investment coins are rarer, key date coins issued by the United States, in the best grade you can afford.

Lower-grade, common coins have historically not appreciated as much in value as key date coins do, so they are probably not a good investment choice although they're great for filling up the holes in albums, especially with kids helping out!

These coins are excellent choices for the average person on a tight budget. Numismatists and coin experts believe that most types of U. Nickels are undervalued.Almost every United States coinage series has certain dates that are difficult to obtain for one reason or another. Some dates have very low mintages. Coins of these dates are key coins that are fundamentally rare.

That is, they are rare in all conditions because only a limited number was struck. Other coins are rare in uncirculated or higher uncirculated grades. These coins are called condition rarities and are often key coins as well. Then there are some coins that are available in all conditions, but since the series is so popular, the more scarce dates become key coins even though in absolute numbers they are not rare.

key date coins inc

Finally, some coins are actually mint errors that become rare because of collector demand. This category includes doubled dies and repunched dates and mintmarks. Some examples can be illustrative. The Silver Dollar had a mintage of 1, No matter how many millions of collectors there are in the world, only that number of collectors can obtain an example of this coin. In fact the actual number is much less because this is only a mintage number and does not account for the actual survival rate for this issue.

In addition many examples are impounded in museums and national collections making them unobtainable by the general public, even for a price.

Certainly the dollar is a key date coin. Continuing with dollars, an S Seated Liberty dollar can be obtained in circulated condition for three to five hundred dollars. Yet because of the number of collectors who desire an example, the coin is always in demand in all conditions and especially in mint state.

Finally, there are thousands of different doubled dies in many series, but there is none more famous than the Lincoln Doubled Die Obverse coin. This coin has become a key date although many other doubled dies, repunched dates and mintmarks go unnoticed except by specialists. Collectors would have to obtain a proof coin to have a complete date set that included Three-Cent Copper Nickel, Draped Bust Dime 14 Stars Reverse. Rare Coin Investments.

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U.S. Coin Types: Half Cent to Double Eagle

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