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Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. Warning: This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. See how to enable scripts. Download Administrative Templates. Administrative Templates. Select Language:. Choose the download you want. Download Summary:. Total Size: 0. Back Next.

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Files larger than 1 GB may take much longer to download and might not download correctly. You might not be able to pause the active downloads or resume downloads that have failed. This page provides the complete set of Administrative Template. Details Note: There are multiple files available for this download. Once you click on the "Download" button, you will be prompted to select the files you need. File Name:. Date Published:. File Size:. System Requirements Supported Operating System.For all of its issues, Internet Explorer has been the most prolific Group Policy enabled applications ever released.

Even the recent versions of Edge with Windows 10 still does not hold up to the old versions of IE when it comes to sheer number of supported settings. This rightly or wrongly gave Group Policy administrators a near infinite of ways to configure the browser.

However the far more popular browser Chrome from Google also has Group Policy support. So when Microsoft replaced Edge with the Chromium browser a lot IT people started to ask if there would be any similar Group Policy support. As it turns out the answer to this question is YES!

Sean Lyndersay from Microsoft has just recently posted about the new policies that are coming with Edge Chromium edition. Alternativly you could also copy the files into your Active Directory Central Store, however as these are early templates with limited language support you might want to hold off doing that for now.

Thankfully most of the Group Policy setting that were previously in Chrome have been preserved. This give his new version of Edge a huge head start when provide policy support. Especially when compared to the original version of Edge that had servery lacking policy support with only 10 settings.

The ZIP file provided that has been release is only localized for English US and there are no policy settings to manage the update of browser. The update feature will be a very important addition as many organisation might not yet be used to the rapid 6 week release schedule of Chromium. This is the feature that Edge currently use that can dictate if a web site is opened in the new Edge engine or using the old legacy IE render engine. As you can see below it also shows the source of where the policy setting.

In my example below it lists the domain name of the Microsoft Account I am signed into on my computer. This will be a super handy feature for help desk users and they can easily and quickly see what policy setting are being applied. I have been a die hard IE and Edge fan all my life. But the new Edge Chromium browser is certainly a great direction for Microsoft. Now with the inclusion of Group Policy Settings, and the future IE Enterprise Mode it certainly makes it compelling for any corporate to seriously look at making Edge the default corporate browser once it is released.

So if you are a company with existing group policies for Edge, do the configured policy settings stay configured for Edge Chromium or do you have to reconfigure everything?

In the example below I just have SmartScreenEnable set to true. Related Articles. Windows 10 Administrative Templates. Work Folders for Android — Released.When managing devices in your organization, you want to create groups of settings that apply to different device groups.

For example, you have several device groups.

microsoft edge gpo template

For GroupA, you want to assign a specific set of settings. For GroupB, you want to assign a different set of settings. You also want a simple view of the settings you can configure. You can complete this task using Administrative Templates in Microsoft Intune.

microsoft edge gpo template

The administrative templates include hundreds of settings that control features in Microsoft Edge version 77 and later, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office programs, remote desktop, OneDrive, passwords and PINs, and more. These settings allow group administrators to manage group policies using the cloud. They offer a simple and straight-forward way to configure the settings, and find the settings you want. As part of your mobile device management MDM solution, use these template settings as a one-stop shop to manage your Windows 10 devices.

This article lists the steps to create a template for Windows 10 devices, and shows how to filter all the available settings in Intune. When you create the template, it creates a device configuration profile. You can then assign or deploy this profile to Windows 10 devices in your organization. Some settings aren't included in all the Windows editions. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. In Configuration settingsconfigure settings that apply to the device Computer configurationand settings that apply to users User configuration :.

When you select Computer configurationthe setting categories are shown. You can select any category to see the available settings. You can also select All settings to see every device setting.

Download and deploy the new Microsoft Edge for business

Scroll down to use the before and next arrows to see more settings:. Select any setting. For example, filter on Officeand select Activate Restricted Browsing. A detailed description of the setting is shown. Choose EnabledDisabledor leave the setting as Not configured default.

The detailed description also explains what happens when you choose EnabledDisabledor Not configured. The Windows settings in Intune correlate to the on-premises group policy path you see in Local Group Policy Editor gpedit. Continue to go through the list of settings, and configure the settings you want in your environment.

Here are some examples:. In Assignmentsselect the user or groups that will receive your profile. For more information on assigning profiles, see Assign user and device profiles. When you select Createyour changes are saved, and the profile is assigned. The policy is also shown in the profiles list. The next time the device checks for configuration updates, the settings you configured are applied.

There are hundreds of settings available in these templates. To make it easier to find specific settings, use the built-in features:. In your template, select the SettingsStateSetting typeor Path columns to sort the list.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

Configure Microsoft Edge policy settings on Windows

You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

I intend installing Windows 10 in our organisation. I am still running Active Directory on Windows Server I would like to use GPOs to administer Windows Where can I get a. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Here is some help upgrade your OS from to R2. I mean seriously your asking a question that you already know the answer too Server is out of support.

The fix is get your OS upgraded and considering is around the corner your more than a decade behind. Plus how unsecure is your network leaving your DC's onseriously. So yes the ADM is done, finished, out of support. Its been a good long run withbut time to move on that is the fix to your problem.

You won't like this answer, but in order to take advantage of Windows 10 group policy you need a minimum version of Active Directory as well as the group policy central store. Server is no longer supported by Microsoft as of July 14, when extended support ended. You can find the. April 7, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

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microsoft edge gpo template

Bruce Lewis Created on July 31, Hi, I intend installing Windows 10 in our organisation. It obviously needs to be a. Thank you. I have the same question 4. Uttam Yadav Replied on August 1, Hi, I suggest you to post your query to TechNet forum for further assistance. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response?

In reply to Uttam Yadav's post on August 1, Another useless answer form Microsoft.Get the latest Microsoft Edge update for your business, school, or organization with multi-platform support in over 90 languages. The Windows platform downloads apply to all supported client and server releases of Windows.

Learn more about supported Windows releases. These license terms are an agreement between you and Microsoft Corporation or one of its affiliates. The properly licensed Software will perform substantially as described in any Microsoft materials that accompany the Software.

However, Microsoft gives no contractual guarantee in relation to the licensed Software. Limitation of Liability. In case of intentional conduct, gross negligence, claims based on the Product Liability Act, as well as, in case of death or personal or physical injury, Microsoft is liable according to the statutory law.

Get step-by-step guidance on how to deploy and configure. Need more help? Visit Microsoft Docs for how-to guides on deploying, updating, and configuring Microsoft Edge. Get support with deployment and compatibility at no extra charge for eligible customers. These articles help your business, school, or organization get the most out of Microsoft Edge.

Find out how to make the new Microsoft Edge the default browser for your organization. The new Microsoft Edge enables a single browser experience for modern and legacy sites.

Learn how Microsoft Edge uses identity to support features including sync and single sign-on. Search for workplace or school information like you do on the internet. With Microsoft Search in Bing, find people, files, floor plans, and more, by typing in the search bar. Learn about your support plan options, or create a support request if you already have a plan.

Stable is the channel best suited for broad deployment. Beta and Dev are two preview channels where new features and updates are tested prior to their inclusion in the Stable channel. Skip to main content. Download and deploy the new Microsoft Edge for business Get the latest Microsoft Edge update for your business, school, or organization with multi-platform support in over 90 languages. Download the new Microsoft Edge.

Privacy statement. Accept and download. Thank you! Your download will begin shortly Close. Download Microsoft Edge Policy File.

How to set the Internet Explorer Home Page via GPO Internet Explorer 10 & 11

Transition to the new Microsoft Edge for business Get step-by-step guidance on how to deploy and configure. How to deploy and configure Microsoft Edge Visit Microsoft Docs for how-to guides on deploying, updating, and configuring Microsoft Edge.The latest version of Microsoft Edge includes the following policies.

You can use these policies to configure how Microsoft Edge runs in your organization. For information about an additional set of policies used to control how and when Microsoft Edge is updated, check out Microsoft Edge update policy reference.

microsoft edge gpo template

You can download the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit for the recommended security configuration baseline settings for Microsoft Edge.

For more information see the Microsoft Security Baselines Blog. These tables list all of the browser-related group policies available in this release of Microsoft Edge. Use the links in the table to get more details about specific policies. Enable this policy to enable Google Cast. Users will be able to launch it from the app menu, page context menus, media controls on Cast-enabled websites, and if shown the Cast toolbar icon. Set this policy to true to show the Cast toolbar icon on the toolbar or the overflow menu.

Users won't be able to remove it. If you don't configure this policy or if you disable it, users can pin or remove the icon by using its contextual menu.

If you've also set the EnableMediaRouter policy to false, then this policy is ignored, and the toolbar icon isn't shown. Specify a list of sites, based on URL patterns, for which Microsoft Edge should automatically select a client certificate, if the site requests one. The value must be an array of stringified JSON dictionaries.

Independent of the filter, only certificates will be selected that match the server's certificate request. If you don't configure this policy, the global default value from the DefaultCookiesSetting policy if set or the user's personal configuration is used for all sites. Cookies created by websites that match a URL pattern you define are deleted when the session ends when the window closes.

Cookies created by websites that don't match the pattern are controlled by the DefaultCookiesSetting policy if set or by the user's personal configuration. This is also the default behavior if you don't configure this policy. If Microsoft Edge is running in background mode, the session might not close when the last window is closed, meaning the cookies won't be cleared when the window closes. See the BackgroundModeEnabled policy for information about configuring what happens when Microsoft Edge runs in background mode.

If you set the RestoreOnStartup policy to restore URLs from previous sessions, this policy is ignored, and cookies are stored permanently for those sites. Control whether websites can create cookies on the user's device. This policy is all or nothing - you can let all websites create cookies, or no websites create cookies. You can't use this policy to enable cookies from specific websites. Set the policy to 'SessionOnly' 4 to clear cookies when the session closes.

See BackgroundModeEnabled policy for information about configuring what happens when Microsoft Edge runs in background mode. If you don't configure this policy, the default 'AllowCookies' 1 is used, and users can change this setting in Microsoft Edge Settings. If you don't want users to be able to change this setting, set the policy. Set whether websites can track users' physical locations. You can allow tracking by default 1deny it by default 2or ask the user each time a website requests their location 3.

Set whether websites can display images. You can allow images on all sites 1 or block them on all sites 2.Microsoft has published the template and documentation that will be required to manage updates of the not-yet-finalized "full-Chromium" Edge browser, making good on a promise of earlier this summer. Omitted, though, were GPOs group policy objects and an administrative template for wrangling updates.

Unlike previous Microsoft browsers - Internet Explorer IE and the original Edge, the latter powered by Microsoft's own technologies - the Edge built from the Google-dominated Chromium open-source project will be updated on a much faster six-to-eight-week cadence, just as is Chrome.

Microsoft has severed the link between browser and OS feature updates. Enterprises that want to test and verify that each update works as expected need a way to block the native update mechanism. The update-related group policies can be found in the full-Chromium Edge's online documentation. They require version 77 or later of Edge; the Dev 77 build was released last month, while Beta 77 launched this week. The administrative template - msedgeupdate. For those unfamiliar with using Windows' group policies, get-started instructions for the Edge templates can be found under the heading 1.

Download and install the Microsoft Edge administrative template on this support page. Because an organization's administrators will probably want to restrict employees' browser choices - to, for instance, keep everyone on the same version for support reasons - the GPOs allow for blocking updates of specific builds, like Canary, Dev and Beta - as well as preventing workers from manually refreshing the browser.

Download Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 from Official Microsoft Download Center

Other GPOs let IT set specific systems with an update override, so that, say, a piloting team has access to Dev and Beta when everyone else does not. Still other GPOs set a value for the minimum number of minutes between automatic update checks - the default is 10 hours - and bar updates during office hours so as not to interrupt work.

The GPOs control how Edge's native update service operates - the service that deals out upgrades to unmanaged machines - but Microsoft pledged that enterprise-grade platforms would also be supported by the browser.

The list of all Edge GPOs as of July 22 other than those for updates can be found hereand the browser's in-enterprise guidance begins here. Microsoft has posted the administrative template for managing Edge's updates using group policies configured by IT. If this policy were enabled, the target Windows PC would be able to receive Beta channel updates.

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