Miraculous Ladybug does not belong to me, because if it did then they would remember that Marinette actually had character growth and that Adrien was failing at his job of being Chat Noir Chat is sexually harassing Ladybug, fight me.

She really should have known that her class would have left her behind, not after she had Mrs Bustier tell them about the crime rates. Opening her purse she smiles down at Nooroo, Tiki and Plagg.

MARINETTE LEAVES CHAT NOIR! (Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub Compilation)

Getting back not just Nooroo and Dussu but also Plagg. Chat Noir's identity was revealed as Adrien, who had given his miraculous to his father to help bring back his mother. With anger and betrayal coursing through her she quickly took down Chat, taking his ring before turning to Hawkmoth.

With Anubis and Ryuko helping her she was able to snatch the Butterfly Miraculous, Gabriel Agreste kneeling before her. Forcing them to harm, to imbalance the world. You would have used the wish to heal," Ladybug sweeps her hand toward where Emilie lays in her glass coffin. It would have cost someone else their loved one. From this moment forward, as the Grand Guardian I deny you or anyone of your blood or line to ever be able to use a Miraculous if they mean to cause harm or start to imbalance the natural order.

Light moves from her as she speaks, forming chains as they twist around the three before her. The chains bind the three and flash brightly before sinking into their bodies. Ladybug nods at her team.

Slowly Ladybug walks over to Emilie's body, opening the glass she very carefully pulls her out. Laying her down, Ladybug places one hand on Emilie's forehead and the other over her heart.

Pink light engulfs them both as Ladybug pushes energy through her palms to heal the arcane damage from the broken Miraculous.

Finally after three minutes Emilie's eyes flutter open, confusion and surprise swimming in her green orbs. Helping her sit up Ladybug leans back from her space. I am sorry to inform you that your husband and son, along with their assistant Mrs Nathilie will all be charged with terroisum.

They have been using Nooroo and Dussu to harm and terrorize Paris. Landing with a few minutes to spare she smiles at her gathered team. After a pound, her smile softens. Viperion turns into Luka, his chinese dragon curled around his neck. Ryuko is next, blue eyes wide as she gazes at Luka. Her own soulmate animal, a coluber constrictor foxii wrapped around her torso. Anubis flashes with white light, showing Juleka leaned over laughing at her brother and his soulmate.

Hornet and Aguara share a look before de-transforming. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Thank you again for your help. Quickly messaging back, letting them know she is alright and going to find another way to the hotel. With one hand she googles taxi numbers, her other hand running down the chest feather's of Apollo. A yelp pulls her attention from her screen, a black haired male stands staring down at a brown bat attached to his shirt.So, I came up with this idea a while ago.

I'm not sure if I like how it turned out. It was a night neither of them could forget. It started off as a simple meeting and evolved into a huge milestone in their relationship. The 18 year olds met up for their patrol that night. They had long ago revealed their identities and had been dating ever since. Tonight was the couples three year anniversary. Upon the sighting, Chat Noir smiled brightly and jumped across the rooftops to where his Ladybug waited. Ladybug smiled kindly as a light blush hid behind her red mask.

Chat gently scooped her up and twirled her around as her hands fastened behind his neck. He peppered her cheeks with kisses. Ladybug giggled at the kisses. She laughed, "you too, Chat. The leather covered blonde began jumping around Paris, holding onto his Lady.

Close your eyes. The Heroine giggled and closed her eyes. She felt the wind fly through her pigtails as they traveled. After a few minutes, she felt Chat land softly. Ladybug smiled and opened her eyes.

She gasped at the sight before her. Chat had taken her to his room, but the couch was pushed aside. In its place was a table that held up a romantic looking dinner, complete with a few presents sitting in the center. Plagg flew off with Tikki to the kitchen to find some treats. Mari smiled, placing her hands on his shoulders.

Thank you, Kitty. Adrien kissed back, pulling her close. After a few moments, the couple parted lips. Adrien held out Marinette's chair as she sat down. He pushed her closer to the table before taking his own seat across from her. After a wonderful meal and the sharing of gifts, the duo went to Adrien's bed, cuddling. Marinette placed a soft kiss on his lips. Marinette giggled and kissed him again, with a large, strong and heated amount of hunger. She wrapped her arms around his neck.But it will have fluff!

And sillies! And I kinda wrote it on a whim just for fun! I expect it to be just 2 or 3 chapters long. She thought Mr. Pigeon was an oddball, this, this could possibly take the cake as one of the weirdest akumas she's ever faced. The akuma was a young girl, dressed in a plant like gown made of leaves and pale petals, one Ladybug recognized as catnip; and she was giggling, so gleeful and happy Ladybug almost didn't think she was an akuma.

Only, all the cats in Paris were flocking to her unnaturally. Meowing happily as they rubbed and cuddled up in her arms. It might've been cute if it wasn't just so… Ladybug didn't know if she could grasp a word for this!

miraculous ladybug fanfiction chat noir leaves

Come to me you adorable fluff balls! Love meeeee! She didn't see anything pop out. Ladybug grimaced. She'll have to get closer. The akuma's face twisted in rage. With a wave of her hand, the cats dove at the boy, teeth and claws bared. The boy gazed up at them, fear spread across his features.

Before they tumbled onto him, a red blur whizzed past, leaving empty space for the cats to tumble into. Ladybug rolled to stop, the boy held securely in her arms. Glaring at the akuma, she shooed the kid away, reassuring, "I'll get Cally home. Waving her hand dramatically, she bowed to Marinette. And soon, I will have all the cats of the world under my beck and call!

They will love me! And only me! Ladybug easily dodged them, swinging up to a lamppost, deterring the cats while she glared down at Catmint, still trying to locate the possessed item. Plucking one of the leaves from her dress, she threw it at Ladybug like it was a knife. Ladybug reacted too slow, avoiding it just enough for it to nick her bicep. Gritting her teeth at the slight sting, Ladybug leapt away as Catmint threw another, and the hoard of cats were waiting, chasing after her shadow. She hit the ground and raced towards the akuma, darting past the leaves of catnip as her eyes raked over her foe, trying to locate the possessed item.

Cats hot on her heels, the akuma a few feet from her; Ladybug jumped, reaching for the hair clip. The akuma's eyes widened and she purposely fell back, leaving Ladybug's fingers to grasp at nothing.

Squeaking in alarm, Ladybug braced for the claws and teeth, only to feel something smack into her side instead. Warm, strong arms held her tightly as they whipped away from the cats. She pointed towards the red faced akuma. He hummed, joining her as he stared down at the akuma.

Absently, he comments, "She smells funny Ladybug starts, stiffening at a sudden thought. Warily, she asked, "You're She'd like to avoid having to fight off her partner again.Marinette had been staring out the window the entire plane ride, her mind drifting to her days as ladybug.

It had been five years since she was in Paris, five years without fighting alongside Chat Noir- or as she had found out, Adrien. She missed him, a lot, but he probably lost all feelings for ladybug when he found out who she was, and even if he didn't she wasn't around to find out. She pulled away, giving his arm a playful hit, "I think you're a little too close kitty cat.

Although she meant for it to come out as playful, her voice wasn't as light-hearted as usual. You know you can confide in me. She took a deep breath, her gaze shifting downwards, "I'm moving to America, Chat. This is the last time we will see each other.

His hand slowly dropped from her shoulder, "T-this can't be true! You're just playing me, right? She looked at him, tears rolling down her face, "If only this were a joke," Marinette had told herself that she wouldn't cry, that she would tell him and then leave, but how could she?

Now that she was here, she couldn't leave. She didn't want to leave. Chat was special to her, why did she think this was going to be like ripping off a band-aid? At the least it was like getting her heart ripped out. Marienette's eyes widened. Was this okay? Did she even want to know? Well, she did want to know, but was she ready? I only want to know who you are when you're ready. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her cheek. That sent her heart racing, what was this feeling?

How come with every word he spoke it was getting harder and harder for her to walk away? Was he really going to show her who he was? It wasn't fair for him to be the only one. She couldn't help but laugh, she loved making him flustered, " yes I'm sure, but let's hurry before I change my mind. There was a giant flash and suddenly it was just them.

No mask or costume for them to hide to behind, just them. For the past year she had been fighting alongside her biggest crush. As ladybug, she shared a deep bond with him, and even shared some of her secrets with him. No wonder they never suspected each other, as Marinette she couldn't form a complete sentence in front of him. Wait-" Adrien called after her, but she was already gone. She didn't want to hear what he had to say.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Watch Miraculous by CatGirl23 reviews This is where everyone in Ladybug is teleported and forced to watch their own tv show.

Marinette has always loved more, and it's led to nothing but heartbreak. That is, until she meets him. Stuck In A Bakery With You by dfcfanfics reviews When a potential medical crisis strikes, Gabriel's immediate action is to get Adrien out of harm's way But he happens to be visiting Marinette's house when the word comes down A lighthearted and respectful set of snippets playing off of this idea. What if we had known each other first and fallen in love second by Pinetasticapple reviews You know how Marinette was about to say her name in Origins Part 1?

What if she did say it? How different would their dynamic be? The Princess and her Boys by A mysterious dreamer reviews Marinette starred at the cat-like man in front of her with disbelief like he had grown two heads, "so let me get this right, you want ME to spend 5 months with three famous attractive boys in their super huge villa, all the way while skipping school AND pretending to be a boy! Yep she was in some deep shit.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction chat noir leaves

Adrien is puzzled. Metamorphosis by Forsaken Xenon Gabriel Agreste makes some changes in his life, for the better, and for himself and Adrien.

He has a little help, of course Unlocked by Mommadon reviews Marinette and Adrien are so close it hurts; Ladybug is flirting up a storm with Chat Noir.

Hawkmoth is mostly gone. Time to relax, right? Adrien Agreste, worried for his friend, begins to visit her under a persona she seems to be more comfortable with. Well, more than friends, but who's paying attention?

Collection of separate oneshots. It started with an umbrella in the rain. When two innocent teens fall for each other We Have a Problem by Veritas Found reviews Daddy's little girl is growing up, and of course she's taking after her mother. The Adrienette Express, at your service! Here, you'll join us for 30 fluff-filled days of fun all while in the comforts of your home!

Here, you can enjoy the terribly fun misadventures of our young heroes, so what are you waiting for? Hop aboard! Two Bugs In The Blush by Jessica-X On the way to her wedding, Chat Noir has to save Marinette from falling from the sky - only to make himself a minute too late for his own wedding to her. A Kitty Alone on the World by TitanicAngel reviews Chat Blanc was deakumatized, Ladybug went back to her time period, and Adrien found himself alone in a destroyed world with the weight of his actions, dark thoughts that don't go away and the shadow of a white suit.

Roommates by epcot97 reviews As she begins life after University, Marinette runs into trouble finding an affordable apartment close to her new job. Fortunately, Chat comes up with a plan to help her start out her purrfessional career on the right paw — with one tiny little catch: he's her roommate. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by Aquariuspower reviews Instead of being a superhero, Adrien worked with his father to try to get Ladybug's Miraculous, becoming a feared villain.

But things get complicated when the two opposites develop feelings while Marinette unexpectedly becomes Cat Noir's confident.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction chat noir leaves

LadyNoir, bits of MariChat. Romance, Drama and Action.Loving a lot of the identity reveal fanfics running around, but kind of disappointed there aren't more 'what if' fics for episodes. There are A LOT of possible alternative ways things could have gone, especially for this episode. Also known as my explanation for why I can't even write happy get-together fic even for the most lighthearted and sweet romantic cartoon ever.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction chat noir leaves

Chat Noir's eyes dimmed at the final dismissal, hand dropping to his side as Ladybug shut the door. Well, that was that. Ladybug had brushed off every attempt he'd made at finding out her identity, not even willing to give him a hobby to work with.

Even if she cared for him, she wouldn't let Chat into her civilian life. All he could do now was find somewhere to transform privately, head on home and fantasize about what couldn't be. Almost without thinking, his hand gripped the brass fixture, and inched it open. There was a flash of light from within, and he froze. He needed to go — slam the door shut and bolt somewhere before his own transformation wore off, but something kept him planted where he was. But Chat couldn't keep living like this.

This whole fiasco with Chloe and Lady Wi-Fi had shaken him — for one brief moment he'd genuinely believed Chloe was his partner. That the kind, brave, incredible woman he'd devoted himself to was in fact the spoilt, shallow, cruel girl he did admittedly call friend but nothing else. His nerves were still raw from the panic, from the idea that he'd never really known the girl behind the mask. He needed to know Ladybug. All of Ladybug. His hand tightened, and he threw the door open, and his eyes widened as the inhabitant spun round in shock, hands curled around a small red creature.

Both jaws dropped as the took in the other. Chat couldn't believe it. The shy, quiet girl who sat behind him in class? Who had been so angry with him on his first day and then never seemed to say more than two words to him?

And he'd thought Chloe had been unbelievable. Still, he couldn't help the smile that was creeping onto his face, oblivious to the reaction bubbling on the girl in front of him. Ladybug was in his class. She could have been anyone, a complete stranger that he'd have to hunt down once he had a face, but no.

The girl of his dreams had literally been right behind him since the day they met, and he'd never realised it. It had to be fate. But before he could voice that thought, he was caught off guard by a vase being thrown at his face.

Chat Noir yelped, ducking out of the way and wincing at the sound of smashed ceramic. Marinette however, wasn't dissuaded, grabbing a box and repeating the action. Unfortunately, his lady was nothing if not resourceful, and he winced as she lashed out a foot and landed a sizable dent in his shin.Adrien Agreste. Age twenty-six. A successful international supermodel, currently changing his career to a CEO of a fashion empire.

Was born and raised in Paris; had moved to the USA six years ago; came back for a visit. Rich and kind, handsome but lonely.

Had experienced a lot, had seen even more. Had nothing left that could surprise him anymore. Except, maybe, this - a small, blonde girl, with emerald eyes and freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose — the spitting image of his mother Emilie Agreste, excluding, perhaps, the freckles. Adrien didn't remember his mother very well. She died when he was still a tween, but he spent hours staring at every single picture they had of her and knew every detail of her face, every peculiarity, every gorgeous feature, the way she smiled, the way her eyes sparkled, the way they loved.

Now with his own eyes wide open, Adrien observed her little copy playing with her dolls at the park and couldn't believe his sight. Even less he could believe his ears. Six years ago, without warning, at the age of twenty Adrien had left Paris. One morning his father had offered him a chance of a lifetime career move, but there was a catch - pack a bag and catch a plane in two hours. Adrien agreed without thinking twice. Of course, he regretted leaving his Lady behind, but that was probably for the best.

After all, the last time they had seen each other, they'd had a huge fight, and she had told him that she wished she'd never met him. He interfered with her feelings, she'd said, confused her, made her fall in love with him, made it impossible for her and that mysterious boy she was always pining after to be together.

His Lady had wept, shivered and looked absolutely miserable on his account. She was mad at Chat Noir for that night, a single night they spent together.


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