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US Uniforms offers the complete line of postal uniforms for all crafts within the postal service.

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Email Address:. Password: Remember Me.Bates was charged back in March with conspiracy to import methylone also known as "molly"importation of methylone, and possession with intent to distribute methylone, among other crimes. Last month, the judge in the case ruled against Bates in his attempt to supress evidence seized in those packages.

But in the affidavit, United States Postal inspector Stephen Dowd seems to imply that this link happened in a more automated fashion. Ahmed Ghappoura law professor at the University of California, Hastings, told Ars that he has never seen a case like this before. After requesting Comcast to hand over subscriber data, investigators found that the subscriber linked to the IP address at the time was someone named Matthew Demaggio of Rockland, Massachusetts.

I have verified through a USPS letter carrier that Bates regularly received mail at the Bates Residence for at least the past six months through the present. I also reviewed records maintained at the Rockland Post Office and determined that five prior Express Mail parcels from either China or Hong Kong had arrived addressed to Bates at the Bates Residence since October 21, For three of those packages, Bates had called ahead to the post office and arranged to come pick them up in person rather than wait for them to be delivered.

So Dowd and his colleagues anticipated that he might do this again. On November 13,Bates Parcel 1 arrived at the Rockland post office, and Dowd arranged for a controlled delivery—he secretly watched Bates arrive in the building and pick it up. The MSP watched as Bates placed two large white plastic garbage bags in a dumpster behind his building.

Once Bates and the woman drove away, the MSP retrieved the bags. Inside the bags was a host of evidence suggesting that Bates was involved in some sort of business from China. Dowd called an officer in the nearby Braintree Police Department to bring his drug-sniffing dog "Lucky. I also placed six other innocent parcels among the two suspect parcels as controls. Officer Seibert advised that upon reaching Parcel 2 and Parcel 3, "Lucky" reacted in a positive manner for the scent of controlled substances.

No further indications were observed in the search area. Based on my training and experience, I know that a positive alert means that the parcels contain narcotics or were recently in close proximity to narcotics. Less than an hour later, Carlozzi called the post office and said she would come pick them up in person.

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When she picked up the packages, she was followed by undercover law enforcement. She drove to a nearby Rite Aid where she met Bates, who took the packages from her and put them in his car. The bust took place the next dayon December 7, Carlozzi picked up her packages and drove to the same Rite Aid, where she again met Bates.

The surveillance tail lost Carlozzi while another group stayed with Bates. After he stopped for gas, law enforcement made their move to arrest him. Bates was arrested and taken to the Rockland Police Department, where he was interviewed. He also consented to a search of his laptop and iPhone and gave officers the passwords to his e-mail and Skype accounts. You must login or create an account to comment.

Skip to main content Boston Public Library. Honestly this dudes opsec was about as bad as it gets. His latest book, Habeas Dataabout the legal cases over the last 50 years that have had an outsized impact on surveillance and privacy law in America, is out now from Melville House.

He is based in Oakland, California. Email cyrus. Channel Ars Technica.Barring an eleventh-hour agreement, the U. The U. State Department, which is the lead negotiator for the U. The self-declare regime would begin in The practical effect of the exit of the U. Private sector parcel carriers may see a huge bump in business due to new-found pricing competitiveness, while high-volume traffic may migrate to cheaper ocean shipping services because of the large price increases, White predicted.

The future of the UPU, which was founded inmight be at risk if the U. One is the inability of foreign postal services to furnish advance electronic shipment data, which U.

Customs and Border Protection CBP needs to improve its ability to flag and detect high-risk shipments, as well as facilitate import flows. The UPU Congress adopted the current terminal dues system, which governs cross-border delivery of packages and letters weighing less than 4. As a result, developing countries enjoyed relatively low shipping rates into the U. Meanwhile, the U. The Trump Administration has argued that the terminal dues regime has led to significant price distortions that have left the U.

For example, a 4. Chinese companies ship many low-cost, low-value shipments to the U. Beijing may retaliate if it views the U.

The USPS did not respond to a request for comment. USPS wants to establish agreements with foreign posts to continue exchanging mail if the U. This will help slow down fake crap being sold on ebay and amazon. Typical Trump throwing a tantrum over China and ruining it for everybody. Getting rid of subsidies is always a good thing. It is correct to remove these pricing schemes because subsidizing the parcel rates for entire economies does distort prices which, while they are benefiting US consumers currently, there are always unintended consequences to government market manipulations.

The sooner we are out of this the better. It will mainly stop China and countries like China from getting a free ride other countries like the UK already pay a fair price for thier shipping. Ebay and compaines like them will be the ones crying. Small US companies will finally have a chance to compete as of right now China can ship to the US cheaper than I can ship an item to Texas, that is an unfair advantage.

And if I try to ship something into China good luck and shipping and imort tax is sky high, they protect their country from imports. Think of the waste if instead of buying a candy bar from a box of 50 at the grocery store, 50 different people ordered them individually and had them shipped to their house.

Yes, my stuff comes from overseas, but i dont actually order it from there. Businesses throw away thousands of these brand new cords.A Money Order is a document similar to U. How do I purchase a postal money order? Where can a money order be purchased? What do postal money orders look like?

How do I verify a postal money order? How can I replace a money order? Money orders can also be purchased from rural carriers and some contract stations. Contact the contract station to confirm availability. Military money orders. Money order fee. How can I pay for a money order? Where can a money order be cashed? Back to top. How do I purchase international money orders?

A Money Order is printed out with the dollar amount of its value only. All other items are left blank. A purchased money order is like a signed check; it is the responsibility of the purchaser to enter in who the money order is payable to otherwise, anyone can cash it.

Money Orders must be made payable to a single identifiable party, which can be the purchaser. Federal Reserve. Customers may also send a Money Order in U.

MP1 Acceptance Countries.

usps union reddit

Note : Acceptance countries are also able to send money orders to the US. The form will still be pink. Checking the status of a money order inquiry. Customers wanting to find out if a money order has been cashed or who want a copy of a cashed money order should follow the inquiry process below. Note : For additional information on fees for money order inquiries:.

It is not possible to identify the specific Post Office facility where a specific Money Order was purchased. Nor is it possible to stop payment, track or trace a Money Order in the mailstream.

To file an inquiry, PS Form may be filed at any time for a fee. A replacement will not be issued until 60 days after the money order purchase date, provided the money order has not been paid. By holding a money order up to a light, you should see:. There are no stop payments on Postal Money Orders. Instead, you would need to replace the spoiled Money Order, make the Money Order out to yourself, and then cash it.

To have a spoiled or damaged international or domestic Money Order replaced including one that was made out to an incorrect recipient :. If you do not have the original money order purchase receipt, fill out a PS Form Money Order Inquiry with all of the required information and submit it with the money order to:.

If it is determined through the Money Order inquiry process that fraud was involved, a report should be filed. Back to Top. Go to USPS.The contract determines wages, benefits and conditions of employment. Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg was appointed as the impartial chair of the tri-partite interest arbitration panel and scheduled the opening day of the hearings for September 4, After much thought and consideration for the safety of our Local and State delegates, national officers, families, Use APWUnited to post your union selfies and happening at your local on social media.

President Dimondstein's video message to the membership about the Opening Day of Interest Arbitration.

National Day of Mourning Observed

As we're gearing up for interest arbitration on Sept. The PostalSlam challenge is here to tell Postal Management that we are a united force to be reckoned with! We love our union. Negotiations are never easy. They are especially challenging in the current political environment. There will be many opportunities — and much need — for members to get involved as the fight continues into interst arbitration. The American Postal Workers Union has embarked on a campaign to involve union members in the fight for a good contract.

This means sharing information on the workroom floor and winning community support for the struggle to secure better service and good jobs. CATs will be the principal method of informing and mobilizing members. The more members that get involved, the better! Click here f or a downloadable CAT form!

Skip to main content. Mail is Not for Sale! Fighting Today for A Better Tomorrow.Fairygodboss provides free job reviews for women, by women. Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Ratings by category. Sort by.

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Helpfulness Rating Date. Found 25, reviews matching the search. Learned a lot from managers and supervisors.

usps union reddit

Some lazy senior mechanic. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. I loved the environment I was in at post office. I valued my position.

I was a dock clerk at the large Hub, I loved international mail sorter machines, 10key zip codes. Wages are wonderful.

Be flexible, mandatory overtime sometimes. Worst company to work for.Publication - Join Our Team! If you are retired, self-employed, an at-home parent, an educator, night student, or are employed on an evening shift schedule, this on-call position could be the ideal job for you.

RCAs are responsible for the safe and efficient delivery and collection of the U. RCAs also sell stamps, supplies, and money orders. RCAs perform a vital function in the Postal Service, serving thousands of families and businesses in rural and suburban areas while traveling millions of miles daily.

The work can be demanding—but also rewarding. Becoming an RCA is the first step on the path to becoming a full-time, regular rural carrier with full benefits, since RCAs are eligible to bid for these positions after 1 year of continuous service.

Variable Work Hours As an RCA, you will replace a regular rural carrier on his or her scheduled day off primarily Saturdayon vacation, or on other leave. Work hours will vary depending on the office and route to which you are assigned. You must be willing to work weekends and some holidays and be available for on-call employment.

You may be assigned to other carriers' routes, increasing the number of hours you work. Physically Strenuous Work This job can be physically strenuous. Then, using carts and hampers, you take the sorted mail to your vehicle, load it, and deliver the mail along an established route.

Performing these activities may require you to stand for long periods of time, stretch, reach, twist your body, push, pull, and lift and carry up to 70 pounds. Vehicle Required Generally, RCAs are required to use their own vehicles for mail delivery, and they receive an equipment allowance in addition to regular pay. The vehicle needs to be insured, dependable, and in good working condition.

Vehicles with bucket seats or standard transmission are not recommended. Some offices may provide a Postal Service vehicle. You must have a safe driving record, a valid state operator's license, and at least 2 years of unsupervised driving experience and you must pass an initial road test to be eligible to work as an RCA.

Additional driver training is required and will be provided after you are hired. Outdoor Work RCAs deliver mail on back roads as well as on heavily traveled main roads and highways.

Mail is delivered in all kinds of weather, so you may encounter snow, ice, rain, dust, and mud. Usually you will deliver mail from your vehicle, but sometimes you may be required to leave the vehicle to make deliveries. We are a large, labor-intensive organization that recognizes employees as our most important asset. Our employees largely determine our success.

This may include notice of registration with Selective Service, military discharge records, and employment eligibility documents.

Visit our Web site at www. Or, using a touch-tone telephone, dial TTY and follow the prompts. You will need the examination announcement number for the geographic area in which you wish to work. You can get the number from our Web site or any Post Office. You need apply only once, and you will be scheduled for an examination in the area for which you applied. Entrance registers list applicants for external hiring consideration. They provide a framework of scores from 70 toadding additional points to passing scores for preference-eligible veterans.

Names are arranged in descending score order, and the final score consists of the basic examination rating plus any claimed veterans' preference points. By law, preference-eligible disabled veterans are listed at the top of the register before other applicants. These individuals will be required to submit proof of their Veterans Administration compensation rating.

The Postal Service makes reasonable accommodation for known disabilities of qualified job applicants when such assistance is requested. Such accommodations typically are provided on a case-by-case basis. Exam scheduling materials contain information on how to request an accommodation. It is the policy of the Postal Service not to discriminate in personnel decisions on the basis of 1 race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability as provided by law, or 2 other nonmeritorious factors such as political affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


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